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Flash Development Update [2023/31-32]

⚡️ Friday! Let’s dive into what happened this week! 👇 ✅ First SafeSwap Whitelabel contract ✅ More SafeSwap blockchain integrations ✅ Ongoing Inheriti® and Comet developments ✅ Voting Magic Square ✅ Twitter Space with StartupGrind ✅ nodes 100% uptime

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Flash Development Update [2023/24]

⚡ Friday! Amidst a seemingly quiet market and the perception of an empty space, we keep building to achieve our vision! Here are the exciting highlights from Safe Haven this week. Let's roll! 👇 ✅ Inheriti® Dev Team Expansion ✅ The State of Comet 2.0 and Inheriti® 2.0 ✅ VeChain.Network ✅ $SHA Verified On Copiosa ✅ SafeSwap WalletConnect ✅ Magma V1 Beta ✅ SafeSwap Commission Program

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Flash Development Update [2023/18]

⚡ Friday! Although we can't reveal everything that's been happening behind the scenes just yet, let’s dive into what we can share this week! 👇 ✅ New trademark for @inheriti_com ✅ $SHA Staking Program ✅ upgrades for @vechainofficial ✅ Comet and Inheriti® Internal Testing Enjoy the weekend and do not forget to take care of your loved ones #SHAman! 🔮🧙‍♂️

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Flash Development Update [2023/14]

⚡️ Friday! Take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and settle in for all the latest news from Safe Haven of past week. 👇 ✅ Announcing VeChain.Network ✅ Digital Real Estate Twins with Magma Real Estate ✅ Mad Viking Games Going MultiChain via ✅ SafeSwap Listed on DappRadar ✅ Full Recap of 2023 Q1

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Flash Development Update [2023/15]

⚡ Friday! Sit back and relax as we take you through the highlights of our past week👇 ✅ New SafeSwap Listing ✅ SafeSwap Integrated into a 3rd Party Wallet ✅ Comet 2.0 Updates ✅ Inheriti® and the Future of Inheritance ✅ VeChain.Network ✅ eMerge Americas

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