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Safe Haven Officially Welcomes SafeSwap to the Product Suite

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Today, after months of hard work, countless sleepless nights, writing and auditing code, Safe Haven is excited to finally being able to announce the official launch of SafeSwap, our cross-chain bridge for atomic 1-on-1 swaps of digital assets between different blockchains.

After extensive community review and cybersecurity testing by our partner Red4Sec, SafeSwap is now ready to be released to the public.

The launch of SafeSwap marks the start of a new era full of opportunities for projects and builders to deploy their products cross-chain in no time and they can now do this with a minimum of development efforts and budget, without having to change or manipulate their tokenomics. 

Btw, if you’re among the first SafeSwap users, we might have a little surprise for you. Read until the end of this article for the details on that.

So, what is SafeSwap?

SafeSwap is a decentralized atomic swapping platform, where native tokens can be swapped between different blockchains such as VeChain, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

SafeSwap is eliminating trusted intermediaries and unnecessary forms of high gas fees allowing users to execute fast and efficient swaps. As usual, Safe Haven’s focus is on setting the standard for decentralization, security, and efficiency. 

Revolutionary Atomic Swapping With Safe Haven’s SafeSwap

How does SafeSwap’s atomic swapping work?

1. Initiate

In order to initiate a swap, the user must select a blockchain, connect a wallet, select the preferred token and fill in the amount to swap.

2. Secure

SafeSwap’s integrated UI then creates a unique secret code which delivers hash data to the contract.

3. Lock

If a swap is initiated, SafeSwap will lock all tokens received from the source wallet in the related token pool on the source blockchain.

4. Unlock

SafeSwap accounts for the required tokens necessary and uses the unique code to unlock tokens on the destination blockchain.

5. Claim

The tokens are then transferred to the connected destination wallet.

If you want to get into the full details of how SafeSwap works, we wrote two articles about that in the past:

The Basics Of SafeSwap Explained

A Closer Look At How SafeSwap Works

SafeSwap’s direct impact on Safe Haven’s ecosystem

The DeFi solutions built by Safe Haven took numerous years to develop, are patented/patent-pending in many jurisdictions and are validated through multiple third-party audits and bug bounty programs.

But the main issue was that for Inheriti® for example, Safe Haven’s flagship product that lets users create decentralized inheritance and backup plans, is limited to its native chain: VeChain.

This massively limits the potential of adoption, since a lot of users don’t want to leave their preferred chains or set up new wallets.

SafeSwap will change that forever.

For Inheriti®, the launch of SafeSwap means that the heavily encrypted data can be deployed across different blockchains, providing greater resilience and ensuring the longevity of Inheriti® for decades to come. It will no longer be limited to 1 blockchain and its features or compatible wallets for the SHA token.

SafeSwap will help to take Inheriti® cross-chain which allows Safe Haven to bring decentralized digital inheritance and backup solutions to other blockchains.

What is the role of SHA in SafeSwap and how does it affect Safe Haven’s tokenomics?

SafeSwap will not only bring a revolutionary atomic swapping platform to the market, but it adds extra value and important utility to the Safe Haven token (SHA) as well.

So, in order to understand how SafeSwap adds value to Safe Haven’s tokenomics, we need to take a look at how tokens are flowing through SafeSwap, which you can see on the visual below.

We wrote an in-depth article on SafeSwap’s tokenomics, explaining the above visual:

What is The Role Of SHA in SafeSwap and How Does It Affects Safe Haven’s Tokenomics?

A door of opportunity is opened for project owners and builders

With the release of SafeSwap there arrives a business-to-business solution that is open to all interested EVM-based projects.

99% of the projects out there are, just as Inheriti®, limited to their native blockchain. Safe Haven will be able to list other projects on SafeSwap and help them to deploy products cross-chain. This allows Safe Haven to also use SafeSwap as Atomic Swap as a Service (ASaaS) which will help to expand market-reach for Safe Haven as well as for projects listed on SafeSwap.

Safe Haven will only allow security audited projects to be listed on SafeSwap, to ensure the integrity of the solution and manage risk for all partnered organizations and users.

Wonder what SafeSwap can do more for you as a project builder?

Here are 10 benefits of using SafeSwap for your blockchain project:

  1. Lower development & operational costs
  2. Reach broader audiences
  3. Offer more wallet choices
  4. No centralized / third-party liquidity needed
  5. Launch your dApp(s) across multiple blockchains
  6. Go cross-chain without changing your tokenomics
  7. Swaps straight from and to the user’s own wallet
  8. Zero platform fees for failed swaps
  9. Enhanced user security and an additional security layer
  10. Trackable swaps

Are you a project builder and do you want to take your project cross-chain? Get in touch with us to get your project listed on SafeSwap.

In the article below we dig deeper into the details:

10 Benefits Of Using SafeSwap For Your Blockchain Project

The future of SafeSwap

Now SafeSwap is fully operational, Safe Haven will keep exploring multi-chain solutions and we’ll keep working on growing the list of projects listed on SafeSwap.

As we explained, the introduction of SafeSwap will not only give projects the ability to go cross-chain and help VeChain amongst others grow across different blockchains, it will also add massive value to SHA.

SafeSwap will make SafeNodes more attractive to own as a community member and it will make SHA more attractive for long term holders.

The synergy between SafeSwap and SHA sets the stage for increased utility of SHA across the full Safe Haven ecosystem!

Start using SafeSwap today:

Giveaway among the first 100 SafeSwap users!

We like to celebrate this Safe Haven milestone with our loyal and supportive community with a special SafeSwap Giveaway!

Checkout the gleam event established by our Communications Department:

We defined a couple of simple tasks, one of which is making a swap on SafeSwap. For example: try swapping SHA from a VeChain compatible wallet to a Polygon, Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet! Complete all tasks to enter the giveaway. And… the more swaps you make, the more entries you receive!

Among the first 100 users of SafeSwap we’ll randomly raffle the following prizes:

  • 1st place – special SafeSwap edition hoodie + SafeKey FIDO2 + SSDP
  • 2nd place – special SafeSwap edition hoodie
  • 3rd place – $30 voucher to be spend in the Safe Haven webshop

Join the giveaway:

Blockchain Project Owner?

SafeSwap V1 will be supporting EVM chains like VeChain, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon/Matic. If you’re a blockchain project owner and you’re feeling the need to take your project cross-chain, get in touch with us via our contact page, we might be able to help each other out and add value to each other’s project! 

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