Flash Development Update [2022/09] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/09]

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Business Development Update

SafeSwap Marketing

The marketing schedule has been approved and is prepared for SafeSwap release. The community should suspect a small buildup prior to releasing the platform with an ongoing initial awareness push for two weeks following.


We have released our Quarter 3, 2022 Roadmap. Continued development momentum will achieve additional user-options on existing platforms, as well as introduction of expanding solutions.
More on this:

Roadmap Update 2022/Q1-Q3

Additional SafeKey Batch

An additional 300 SafeKeys have been ordered. We were advised that the market continues to see a shortage of necessary hardware. These devices are on a strict first-come, first-serve order basis.  

Technical Development Update

Negotium Network Update

Ahead of schedule, our public Negotium Network is now operational in the test environment.  

Red4Sec Audit Update

Red4Sec is still auditing the SafeSwap platform. Only minor adjustments were advised thus far and have already been executed on and reverted. The team expects the final report any day.   

Community Engagement Update

Digital Assets Daily

Tyler will be joining Digital Assets Daily for an interview on March 10th, which will focus on updates within the Safe Haven product suite and recent partnerships. 

Startup Grind

On March 15th, Tyler is representing Safe Haven on a web3 series hosted by Startup Grind; Startup Grind has a following of +5M users. 


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