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Flash Development Update [2022/42+43]

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Business Development Update

Startup Grind Summit 

The Accelerator Exhibition was a great success – Tyler and CryptoSVET made numerous connections: 

  • Draper University 
  • DFG.Group 
  • Meritocracy for Women 
  • AWS Facility Access in Silicon Valley 
  • SubStack 
  • American Express 
  • and more… 

Tyler provided a personal reflection on the history behind the partnership with Startup Grind, such as the steps that were taken to get to this point, and the synergy formed with connections during the Accelerator Exhibition in Silicone Valley. 

Really nice and interesting read! 

xSPECTAR Partnership  

We have entered a partnership with xSPECTAR to provide decentralized inheritance and personal backup protocols via Inheriti®.  

There are many other areas where we can collaborate with xSPECTAR to provide and enhance DeFi services within their ecosystem, some of which were recently mentioned by Jurgen Schouppe (CEO/CTO/Founding Director). 

CRO space next week 

We were invited to attend a Cronos Space, hosted by Dragons of the West on October 25th, but it was rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstancesthe event has been moved to next week, at 6:30pm EST, on November 1st .  

Put it on your calendar and feel welcome to join us! 

Plena Finance Staking Pool and Trading Competition 

On October 27th, the Plena Finance SHA/BUSD staking pool closed. All staking participants have claimed their SHA (BEP20) tokens and the event was a great success. 

In the near future, Plena Finance will be launching a SHA trading competition to increase awareness for our utility token on their platform:

Future looks bright 

The Safe Haven team is working diligently, non stop as ever, constantly developing and improving our products to attract new businesses/partners and clients/customers. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that will be shared when the time comes, but Tyler’s recent poll might have given something away about what’s to come… 

Community Engagement Update

SafeNode 9-month Maturation Reward Tier – SafeKey 

Our longstanding and loyal node holders have been asking about their SafeKey maturation reward tier. 

Rest assured; all will get their deserved SafeKey reward near the end of this year – Christmas/Hanukkah will be extra special fellow SHAman 🎅✡️. 

Shamanic Oracles $WOV/Chakra Staking Pool 

The new staking pool will go live at 4pm UTC, on October 31st – make sure to stake on Halloween if you want the biggest treat possible! 

You must have at least 5 NFTs to join the staking pool. Participants will receive 1 Chakra NFT per 5 Shamanic Oracle NFTs staked, so if 15 NFTs were staked for the whole duration of the event then 3 Chakra NFTs will be rewarded with $WOV, after the 30-day cycle concludes. 

Current Giveaway: Dragons of the West Giveaway

To increase awareness for the Safe Haven product suite within the Dragons of the West community, we have collaborated to establish a gleam giveaway event with a nice prize pool – the event will end on November 2nd, so be sure to enter and accumulate entries asap! 

Also, don’t forget to tune in for the special Cronos cross chain Twitter Space Event on November 1st at 6.30pm EST! 


Current Giveaway: SafeHaven & SecretEscapeNFT Community Giveaway 

Join us in generating awareness for Safe Haven’s product suite! 

Secret Escape has created numerous NFTs over the year to support the community, and this is one of our favorite designs yet, so make sure to participate to win a piece of SHAman history! 🧙‍♂️🔮💫 

Shine a Light 

Here are some tweets from the previous two weeks that highlighted Safe Haven: 

Winners of Recently Completed Giveaways 

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

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Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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