Flash Development Update [2022/45+46] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/45+46]

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Business Development Update

AMA King Solomon

Our team was invited to speak during King Solomon’s (big name, 100k+ followers and well known — @XRP_Owl) Twitter Space that focuses on digital custody and inheritance.

There will be many project leaders attending from numerous blockchain networks, such as XRPL, DAG, HBAR, XX, and CSPR — we look forward to teaching all networks about our decentralized military-grade and quantum-proof inheritance platform, and how our atomic swap platform (SafeSwap) can enable interoperability amongst EVM compatible chains (non-EVM chains as well, but R&D is required, which may take longer than adding support for EVM compatible chains).

🗓️ November 23rd, at 5pm EST‼️

Help us create awarenes for the event by sharing the news on social media:

VeChain Project Leaders

We have been invited to join the monthly VeChain Project Leaders Twitter Space. This is an event hosted by @cboundy22 that enables the top VeChain projects to appoint a speaker for explaining updates within their ecosystem. Tyler Doussan will be speaking on behalf of the foundation for this event.


  • Inheriti®
  • SafeSwap
  • Venly and Multi-chain Wallet Support for Inheriti®
  • SafeKey Mobile (aka Inheriti® Mobile)
  • Metaverse Protection Packages
  • MAGMA Relations

Additionally, we are donating 1 FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey device and 20k SHA tokens to 5 lucky participants of the Twitter Space!

Bitcoin Meester

It is imperative that all community members withdraw their SHA tokens to a private wallet, such as VeChainThor Mobile Wallet, if it is stored on Bitcoin Meester — all withdrawals must occur before the end of November 30th 2022.
Bitcoin Meester will delist the SHA token at December 1st 2022.

For those who wish to obtain liquidity with EUR, navigate to KuCoin and utilize their third-party payment gateways.

In the future, SafeSwap will be upgraded to enable liquidity pools for the foundation to provide liquidity in a decentralized manner for the community — this will create the safest and most decentralized environment for our ecosystem.

View the Third-Party Payment gateway features available on KuCoin in the image below!

KuCoin Third-Party Payment Gateway:


Technical Development Update

Comet Wallet v2.0

Certain packages of coding for Comet v1 have become outdated and Google Chrome temporarily delisted the browser application extension from the Google Chrome Store due to security reasons. Instead of fixing the issues, we will redesign Comet and build a v2.0 from scratch.

Development of Comet v2.0 has already started. We expect to relaunch the improved version of Comet in 2023, which will support VIP-180 (Utility Tokens) at launch. Over time, we will add support for SafeSwap compatible blockchains to the Comet wallet to support our cross chain activities.

In essence, community members that have v1 of Comet already installed within their Google Chrome extension library can utilize the wallet as normal. However, Comet is currently not available for new users to download from the web store.

Inheriti® Mobile and SafeKey Mobile

As we approach the age of mass utility for Safe Haven’s Inheriti® solution, it became imperative to separate the plan storage and creation process to establish a user-friendly ecosystem for businesses and customers utilizing the platform.

Hence, the board decided to create two separate applications as part of the Mobile solution — Inheriti® Mobile and SafeKey Mobile.

Inheriti® Mobile

Dapp enabling users to create plans from their mobile device.

SafeKey Mobile

Dapp enabling users to store Inheriti® plan shares.

With the new branding, our designer worked out a full redesign for the SafeKey Mobile Dapp.

The POC (Proof of Concept) is working and we are preparing to restyle the full app to the new design. More info on the progress will follow.

Community Engagement Update

Black Friday

Two of our favorite international holidays are almost here — Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Join us in celebrating the holiday season by enjoying 30% off FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey devices 🧙‍♂️🎁🥳

If you’ve always wanted one, or you need another one for a new family member, use your holiday discount code today: CYBER2022

Don’t forget to join the gleam event as well, there are some nice SHA and NFT prizes available 👀

SafeNode Dapp

The vechain main node is synced again and the SafeNode Dapp is functioning normal again — all SHA node balances should display as normal now.

Shine a Light

Last week we published an Inheriti video instead of a Flash Friday report. Feel free to use the media in tweets or share within other communities. After all, trust and safety are the most important topics in our space. 👀 


Be sure to participate in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gleam event!


Also, keep your eyes peeled for new giveaways that will be launching near the end of this month as we enter the Christmas Holiday and New Year!

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Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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