Flash Development Update [2022/47] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/47]

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Business Development Update

VeChain Project Leaders Event

Join us on November 29th, at approximately 4pm CST. Project leaders of the registered VeChain projects will be present to discuss the updates within their ecosystem that occurred throughout this month. Chief Partnership Officer, Tyler Doussan, will be speaking on behalf of Safe Haven during the Twitter Space event.

The total prize pool for this event exceeds a value of $5k — we are donating 1 SafeKey FIDO + SSDP and 20k SHA tokens to 5 lucky participants competing for prizes within the pool!

AMA with King Solomon

The AMA with King Solomon (@XRP_Owl) was a huge success — around 500 people were listening while the event was live and more than 8.2k people have listened to the recording thus far.

Prominent CEOs of blockchains and C-level Officers of blockchain projects were present to speak on how they see self custody and decentralized inheritance protocols evolving within their ecosystem. Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, credited Safe Haven for developing patented decentralized military-grade and quantum-proof inheritance protocols on VeChain.

As panel speakers asked how decentralized inheritance protocols can be brought to their ecosystem, our Chief Partnership Officer explained how Safe Haven can migrate Inheriti® smart contracts to blockchains supported by SafeSwap. Listen to the highlighted audio clips within the twitter thread to capture all that was said about how blockchain projects can utilize SafeSwap to become agnostic via cross chain atomic swaps.

Technical Development Update

SafeKey Mobile Loading Screen

View this sneak peek of the SafeKey Mobile loading screen 👀👇

More images will be revealed as we near the launch of our revamped SafeKey website, but this will give the community a general understanding of the branding style being utilized.

Community Engagement Update

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our team hopes that all fellow American SHAman enjoyed their Thanksgiving feast with their family!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discount

It’s Black Friday, with Cyber Monday following shortly behind, and we are joining other businesses in offering discounted sales — buy FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey devices with a 30% discount until November 30th.

The discount code is: CYBER2022


SafeKey Shop – SafeKey SSDP Collection:

SHAmanic Oracles

The current staking pool will end in roughly 5-days and all participants will be able to claim their WOV token rewards as they unstake NFTs. All Chakra NFT rewards will be airdropped within a few days of the staking pool closing.

There will be a 1-week intermission to prepare for the next staking pool!

In the Spotlight

View the showcased messages below to better understand the highlights from this week!

Jurgen’s Special Message to Sunny Lu:

“Have you been lazy?” Thread:

Highlight from the Self Custody Twitter Space:

Andy’s Message to the Community about Black Friday:

Current Giveaway

You can still join our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday gleam event. The more tasks you complete, the better your odds of being one of the 15 winners. The prize pool consists of SHAman NFTs, Secret Heaven NFTs and a total of 50K $SHA tokens.


Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

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Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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