Flash Development Update [2022/52-2023/01] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/52-2023/01]

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Business Development Update

There was Christmas 🎄, New Year ✨, interesting meetings, warm wishes from partners, a broken adapter, and corona. It has been relatively quiet on the Business side of Safe Haven the last two weeks. But, we have a lot planned and are looking forward to 2023.

For those that missed our Roadmap for 2023, you can locate the information here:
Looking Back to The Future – Safe Haven’s Ecosystem in 2023 and Beyond

SafeKey Prices before Rebrand

We had to make the decision to adjust the prices of the SafeKey models due to the increasing cost of components and manufacturing. We want to assure you that the price changes are necessary in order to maintain the high quality of our product and continue to improve the hardware and add new features over time.


Technical Development Update

New SafeSwap listing coming

We are preparing a new SafeSwap listing. The internal SafeSwap tests on the Beta are a success. More about this in the coming weeks. 👀

Progress on Stripe integration in Inheriti®

The team has made the last two weeks a lot of progress on Stripe integration for Inheriti®. Stripe will make it possible to pay for an Inheriti® plan with fiat. Customers won’t have to deal with crypto tokens, let alone blockchain and exchanges.

Comet v2.0

We started internal testing of the UI. Testing will continue with the technical aspects of the new Comet wallet.

Dead Man Switch mails

Small, but not unimportant. The mail settings of the Dead Man Switch trigger mails are further optimized, to make sure the emails won’t be considered as SPAM by incoming servers.

Community Engagement Update

SHA Staking program 2023

Safe Haven’s Staking Program will continue throughout 2023!

The program started off with a bang this month, as there was an additional +4M SHA staked in comparison to December. Also, the Harbor pool is filling up faster and faster each month — a direct correlation to the growth of our node tiers and community participation.

If you want to learn more about the program:

Venonymous Inheriti® Contest

Our NFT partner has put together an event that will reward the first 20 users who protect their NFT wallet with an Inheriti® plan. All participants that make a plan via Venonymous’ link must send a copy of the Tx ID to their team to redeem the NFT prize.

Help our teams share the event with others on social media and checkout the design of the NFT prize:

Shine a Light

Nice New Year tweet made by one of the founders of Safe Haven. Andy, we love you too!

Congratulations to SecretEscape NFT to establish a Connect node!

Shout out from @VicDeLarge:

Short demonstration of the touch button on the SafeKey:

Landshare partnership giveaway

The 15 winners sharing $LAND tokens, $SHA tokens, and a selection of NFT’s are announced. All winners received an email that explains what they have won, along with the redemption link that navigates the winner to our official landing page to complete the reward claim form.

If you are one of the winners and didn’t receive the email, please check your spam. Also note, that you have to claim your prize within a 30-day period, so before February 6th.


Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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