Flash Development Update [2023/08] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/08]

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With VeChain’s The HiVe conference in Las Vegas just around the corner, our team has been working hard to ensure everything is prepared for this prestigious event. However, amidst all the hustle, we also had some other exciting news to share this week.

Earlier, we unveiled a new partnership and unintentionally offered a sneak peek of something that some of you may have missed.

Additionally, in this FF update we will also be revealing a fascinating unknown fact that have been hidden until now.

All of this and more awaits as we dive deeper into this week’s recap, so without further ado, let’s get started!


Partnership with Startup Grind

Earlier today we announced our strategic partnership with Startup Grind, the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators. This exciting collaboration aims to bridge the gap between traditional web2 businesses and the limitless opportunities offered by web3 and the Safe Haven ecosystem.

As a Silicon Valley-based global startup community, Startup Grind is dedicated to empowering and connecting entrepreneurs worldwide. They host a variety of events, workshops, and conferences while providing an online platform where members can connect and share resources and knowledge.

Our partnership with Startup Grind is an excellent match as we share a vision to empower and connect entrepreneurs globally. At Safe Haven, we are already providing secure business continuity solutions through our platforms such as inheriti.com, safekey.be and safeswap.io.

Our mission aligns perfectly with Startup Grind’s vision, and we are excited to discover what we will achieve together.

New DEX added for SHA trading

We’ve added an extra DEX to the overview on our website, namely VeRocket.

VeRocket is a VeChain native DEX and it offers the possibility to buy or swap $SHA tokens against VeChain tokens such as $VET, $VeUSD, $WOV, $MVG, $VSEA amongst others.

Start trading via https://app.verocket.com/


VeRocket VET/SHA LP Pair

An additional benefit that comes from having $SHA listed on VeRocket is that there’s also a liquidity pool available for the VET/SHA pair now, which is currently one of the bigger pools available on VeRocket giving its liquidity providers an APY of 19%.

But… please be aware that providing liquidity in liquidity pools always involves risks and that we’re not advising anyone to do this without understanding how liquidity pools and liquidity providing works. The liquidity pool on VeRocket runs completely independent of Safe Haven.

For those interested and knowing what they do, the VET/SHA pool can be found on https://app.verocket.com/

The HiVe Preparations

As already mentioned, we are excited for our participation at VeChain’s The HiVe conference on March 4th in Las Vegas!

The summit is focused on web3 and sustainability and aims to champion pioneering applications of blockchain technology for sustainability purposes.

We invite you to stop by our Safe Haven booth and meet with our team. We are thrilled to connect with the #SHAman community members and other projects in person and look forward to seeing you there!

Brand Materials The HiVe

Some of the banners we’re taking to promote the Safe Haven ecosystem at the summit.

SafeSwap’s API First Wallet Integration

Our COO, Andy, playfully flirted with a post from our dear team member, Rok, to reach 200 likes on his tweet to make him reveal a secret.

And guess what, the goal was reached! (secret below this tweet)

We happily announce that we are taking the next step in our SafeSwap expansion route.

While we obviously cannot disclose every detail yet, what we can share is that we are working closely with a company that is creating a wallet and is integrating SafeSwap into their frontend via our SafeSwap API.

This partnership is a significant milestone for SafeSwap, and we are excited about the opportunities it will bring for our users and the broader crypto community.

Think about benefits like:

✅ Improved accessibility: With SafeSwap integrated into a wallet, users can easily and securely swap their crypto assets without leaving the wallet’s interface.

✅ Enhanced user experience: The integration can provide a seamless experience for users, making it more convenient and user-friendly to use SafeSwap.

✅ Increased adoption: Integration with a popular wallet can help to increase adoption of SafeSwap amongst a wider audience.

✅ Partnership opportunities: Collaborating with a wallet provider can open up further partnership opportunities for SafeSwap, potentially leading to more integrations and collaborations in the future.

Wondering what increasing SafeSwap activity means for SHA?

We wrote an in-depth article about it some time ago:

What is The Role Of SHA in SafeSwap and How Does It Affects Safe Haven’s Tokenomics?

Safe Haven Ecosystem Overview

We already revealed that we shared a sneak peek this week which some of you might have missed. It happened in the tweet below where we gave a compact overview of what we’re currently focused on building for the Safe Haven ecosystem.

The sneak peek was hidden in the post about SafeKey. (see below this tweet)

If you looked closely, on the visual below you could’ve noticed a first screenshot of SafeKey Mobile, which is soon to become an important part of our ecosystem, exactly as its big brother, the SafeKey Pro.

More on this when the time is right.

Explaining the SHA and SafeKey Correlation

We often get asked why SafeKey matters so much for the Safe Haven ecosystem and SHA, which is why we included the answer in the tweet below.

1 SafeKey Is All It Takes

Most people think it’s complex and expensive to get started with SafeKey and add extra security layers to your online accounts or secret data, but actually, nothing is less true, since 1 SafeKey is all it takes:

Still Looking For Content Creators

Some creators already reached out to us in the past weeks, but we would like to repeat our message and recall all content creators reading this (or if you know someone, kindly spread the message):

Unlock the potential of your online presence and earn while you share! Perfect for tech-savvy influencers, bloggers, YouTubers & blockchain enthusiasts!

  • Monetize your content
  • Earn fair commissions on sales
  • No need to hold inventory or manage customer support
  • Give extra value to your audience
  • Set up a passive income stream through the promotion of SafeKey devices
  • Direct contact with the SafeKey team
  • Dedicated brand materials
  • Flexibility to promote the product through a variety of channels
  • Ability to work with a reputable company and established brand
  • Reach new audiences through targeted marketing efforts
  • Possibility for custom promotional campaigns

As a SafeKey affiliate, you’ll be at the forefront of the latest security technology while receiving fair commissions for promoting our products. Perfect for tech-savvy influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and crypto enthusiasts – join us now and get rewarded for spreading the word on the SafeKey.

Join our Affiliate Program via https://safekey.be/business/partner/


As every week, we also would like to highlight some of the support we get from our community.

#SHAman for all, all for #SHAman! 🧙‍♂️ 💜


In this week’s FF update, we announced our strategic partnership with Startup Grind, the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between traditional web2 businesses and the limitless opportunities offered by web3 and $SHA.

We also mentioned our participation in The Hive Summit, which focuses on web3 and sustainability, and our COO’s playful announcement of a new partnership that involves integrating SafeSwap API into a wallet’s frontend.

The potential benefits of this integration include improved accessibility, enhanced user experience, increased adoption and potential partnership opportunities for SafeSwap.

In the next week, our team will be focused on preparing for The Hive Summit, which takes place on March 4th.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates: https://twitter.com/SafeHavenio

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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