Flash Development Update [2023/11] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/11]

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The crypto markets are starting to heat up again, more volatile than ever, and it is the perfect time to protect your online identity. As volume and market capitalizations increase for utility token assets of blockchain projects, hackers and bad actors will begin to reappear in the space to take advantage of those not utilizing U2F and FIDO2 security key features. Be sure to visit our SafeKey Webshop and choose a bundle that fits your security needs to ensure your online identity is impenetrable.

Additionally, the team is getting excited as final materials are prepared for our Comet 2.0 wallet browser extension Beta Testers! More information about beta testing can be found in our report below, along with other exciting criteria that occurred during previous weeks.


Comet 2.0 Beta Testing Program

On Sunday, team members of Safe Haven are virtually gathering to review all steps involved with directing Beta Testers to properly navigate and utilize the Comet wallet browser extension. Video tutorials will be provided with written instructions about what features need to be tested for determining the user-friendliness of the interface and process of signing smart contracts. Furthermore, we greatly appreciate the support of our Beta testers; rigorous testing carried-out by adept individuals enables our organization to provide the most secure and easy-to-use platforms!

Testing will commence on Monday, March 20th of 2023!


Reflection Article about The HiVe

To provide further information by showcasing important highlights from the VeChain sustainability conference in Las Vegas, our team put together a short article with some photos of the event!

View the article:

Safe Haven Interviews at The Hive

Genfinity traveled to Las Vegas to capture interviews from projects building smart contract and blockchain technology on VeChain — two of our team members, Jurgen Schouppe (Founder/CEO/CTO) and Tyler Doussan (CPO), were interviewed by King Solomon.

Jurgen’s Interview:

Tweet from Genfinity:

Tyler’s Interview:

Tweet from Genfinity:

Tweet from Tyler:

Twitter Spaces with XX Network

XX Network invited the team of Safe Haven to speak about solidifying privacy data pertaining to online identites. Chief Technical Officer, Jurgen Schouppe, gave an extensive overview of how the security protocols of Inheriti® function and SamSoniteCrypto provided usecase scenarios that he commonly faces while utilizing the U2F/FIDO2 security key features of SafeKey to access online platforms.

SafeKey and Inheriti®, The Golden Duo

It all starts with securing the data enabling entry to online accounts that can perform actions on the blockchain by signing smart contracts with digital wallet browser extensions (such as Comet or MetaMask). Most often, in web2 the only account data required to login is a username and password. With SafeKey, users can utilize the HSM device as a security key to add a 6-digit pincode to their login method, which ultimately releases/unlocks a hashed password that is required for the web2/web3 account to login. After providing the hashed password data that is stored on SafeKey and required to permit entry, the user will then be able to sign smart contracts with the digital wallet connected to DeFi platforms. For example, after a user logs into their crypto currency exchange account with SafeKey security features, their account will then be able to prompt smart contracts to transfer/withdraw assets to another address. Likewise, if an individual established a security key feature with their SafeID account, then they would need to input the device and provide the 6-digit pincode to provide the hashed password data required to login, which will then give them the opportunity to create a decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan via Inheriti® VIP-contracts (vechain smart contracts). Additionally, the SafeKey One device enables the capability to store the fragmented hashed data relating to Inheriti® plan share storage for beneficiaries (or sole owner of a backup plan). This allows beneficiaries to not only store the fragmented data that is required for recombination to obtain inheritable data of a decentralized inheritance plan, but also protect the online identity of user accounts associated with web2/web3 platforms (facebook would be an example of a web2 usecase, while utilizing the SafeKey as a security key to prevent logins/withdraws on crypto currency exchanges like KuCoin would be an example of a web3 usecase).

Autographed Phygital SafeKey Giveaway

The team of Safe Haven collaborated with VeChain and World of V to establish a fun giveaway event for all community members of the VeFam – Sunny Lu, Jurgen Schouppe, Andy Demeulemeester, and Americano (Vetliever) autographed the first phygital SafeKey produced by SafeTech to be utilized as the giveaway prize!

To make the event fair for all, we decided to keep things simple with a low entry barrier. All participants had to like, retweet, and tag two friends in the comment section to be eligible for being entered in the random twitter picker generation software. Congratulations to @Chukl31 for winning this piece of The HiVe history!

Use One of Our New Profile Banners to Show Your Support

Our digital creative has put together infographics that display the branding and reputability of Safe Haven in a format fit for Twitter presentation — select one of the banners below and upload it as your banner to help spread awareness for the community if you desire!


In this week’s update, we provided an in-depth reflection about our experience at VeChain’s sustainability conference in Las Vegas. There was also a very interesting Twitter Space on Tuesday, hosted by XX Network, which covered privacy and inheritance protocols of our ecosystem. Furthermore, all materials are being finalized for Beta Testers to utilize Comet 2.0 on Monday. Lastly, we would like to congratulate @Chukl31 for being the winner of our first Autographed Phygital Safekey Giveaway — more exciting giveaways with human interaction to come!


Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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