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Flash Development Update [2023/16]

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It’s been another busy week for our team as we continue with the beta testing program of Comet. We’re excited to see how the integration with Inheriti® will enhance both products’ functionality and features as we geared up internal Comet < > Inheriti® testing this week.

In addition, we’re very proud to announce our partnership with Magma and share our CEO’s participation in vechain’s private developers meeting in Dublin.

This progress and these valuable opportunities demonstrate our commitment to providing the best experiences and opportunities to our community in the world of crypto is starting to bear its fruits.

We’re both grateful and proud for the recognition our products are receiving and will continue to push ourselves to go above and beyond.

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Get ready to feel inspired as we take you through the highlights of our past week. 👇

Jürgen Joins vechain’s Tech Team Builder Development Meet Up

Our CEO, Jürgen Schouppe, had the privilege of attending a developers meeting hosted by vechain in Dublin last week. Over the course of two days, vechain’s CEO, Sunny Lu, CTO Antonio Senatore, and a multitude of vechain developers convened to deliberate on various topics, including the current state of development, the ecosystem, dapps, and the future of vechain.

Jürgen also took the opportunity to delve deeply into the intricacies of the Safe Haven ecosystem and its products. These two days proved to be of immense value, with an abundance of knowledge and ideas shared among the participants.

Further details regarding the outcomes of the Dublin meeting are expected to be unveiled over the coming weeks and months. We have attached a brief video clip of Sunny elucidating his vision for the future of vechain.

We are delighted with the bright future of vechain and honored to be a part of it.

Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry with Magma

Safe Haven and Magma have joined forces in a partnership aimed at revolutionizing the real estate industry with the cutting-edge capabilities of Web3 technology. Magma is a trailblazer in real estate development and has set the standard for incorporating Web3 technology into the traditional economy. Their innovative approach aligns perfectly with Safe Haven’s own ethos and mission, making this partnership a match made in h(e)aven.

Magma’s strategy revolves around incentivizing all stakeholders to upload their data through smart contracts, which in turn allows them to mint the Magma NFT, or the Magma DTT (Digital Twin Token). This unique approach connects the building model with the data, essentially creating a comprehensive building showcase, documentation vault, and task management tool all in one. The platform also enables real-time transactions between owners, asset managers, verified service providers, and tenants, providing a seamless experience for all parties involved.

By integrating Inheriti®, Safe Haven’s flagship product, Magma can offer their stakeholders and customers a safe and user-friendly way of creating a backup and transfer of access to their Magma DTT. This groundbreaking partnership is just the beginning, and we are excited to explore new synergies between both parties in the future, paving the way for a brighter and more innovative future for the real estate industry.


Alex Visiting eMerge Americas

One of our distinguished team members, Alex, will be representing Safe Haven at the highly anticipated eMerge Americas event. We have immense faith in Alex’s abilities to represent the #SHAman with proficiency and proficiency. We are eagerly anticipating the knowledge and networking opportunities that will be garnered from this thrilling event.

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on Alex’s eMerge Americas experience!

Website: https://emergeamericas.com

Inheriti® and Comet Beta Testing Update

As mentioned in last week’s FF update, our internal team is diligently preparing to test Comet with Inheriti®, our patented solution that establishes the benchmark for digital inheritance and encrypted data backups.

Currently, we are conducting thorough beta testing of Comet and Inheriti® to ensure that the integration process runs smoothly.

Throughout this testing phase, we are also making small UI/UX improvements to Inheriti®, making necessary adjustments to new features such as fiat payment and the integration of SafeKey Mobile.

We will continue to provide updates as we advance through the testing period and make further refinements to Comet 2.0 and Inheriti®.

Preparing Comet 2.0 Documentation

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible user experience for Comet 2.0, and we understand that clear documentation is an essential part of achieving this goal. That’s why we’re working hard to create new user guides, feature insights, and FAQs that will help both new and experienced users navigate the updated version of our wallet browser extension with ease.

Our documentation will cover all the enhanced features and upgrades that come with Comet 2.0 compared to the previous version, as well as future updates to the wallet.

Our primary objective is to make the documentation as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible so that both new and experienced users can quickly familiarize themselves with Comet 2.0 and start experiencing the freedom of Web3 by themselves, even for those who never used a digital wallet before.

Vulnerabilities of Wrapped Assets

For those who have been following Safe Haven for some time now, the concept of wrapped tokens may be familiar. These tokens essentially represent assets from one blockchain on another. However, despite the popularity of wrapped assets, many users are not aware of the potential vulnerabilities associated with them.

A recent poll conducted via our Safe Haven Twitter page revealed that a majority of people are not aware of the risks associated with using wrapped tokens, while those who are aware tend to avoid them altogether.

It’s important for users to understand that there are risks related to smart contracts, interoperability issues between different blockchains, and the possibility of lost or stolen assets.

That’s why we’ve created a short thread to explain to our community how wrapped tokens work and what the vulnerabilities associated with them are.

Please take a read:

In the News

Our excitement knows no bounds as we witness an increasing number of journalists and the press acknowledging and recognizing our solutions.

Recently, tech.eu published an article titled “Beyond the grave: How deathtech startups are transforming what happens when we die,” which shed light on our flagship product Inheriti®.

Beyond the grave: How deathtech startups are transforming what happens when we die

Witnessing our innovative products creating a massive impact in this rapidly-evolving and groundbreaking industry is exhilarating. Our goal is to continue revolutionizing the world’s approach to estate planning and digital asset management.


The messages pouring in from our community never fail to bring a smile to our faces and fill our hearts with joy. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate and cherish every single word of love and support.


The Safe Haven team has been occupied this week with two major activities – beta testing program of Comet and internal testing of Inheriti®. These tests will enhance the features of both the products.

We also gave a closer look at our partnership with Magma, which aims to revolutionize the real estate industry with Web3 technology and will be integrating Inheriti® into their platform.

Furthermore, our CEO Jürgen Schouppe was invited to vechain’s private developers meeting in Dublin, where he thoroughly discussed the Safe Haven ecosystem and its products with the rest of the attendees.

Additionally, team member Alex will be representing Safe Haven at the eMerge Americas event.

#SHAman, It is an absolute blessing to be a part of such an incredible community of like-minded individuals, enjoy your weekend and loved ones! 💜 🧙


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