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Flash Development Update [2023/20]

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Another week has swiftly passed. A week with a lot of discussion about the issue of seed phrase recovery and safety – the Ledger discussion. It created a lot of awareness on how to safely store the seed phrases and the steps that should be taken to ensure its security. And we can only we happy with that.

We are also happy to announce a partnership that will bring the listing of the $SHA token in a partner’s app, as well as the integration of Comet and Inheriti®. This partnership stands as another testament to our steadfast commitment to strive to augment the Safe Haven ecosystem by expanding the utility of the ecosystem and $SHA.

As we embark on this new phase of growth, we remain grateful for the opportunity to be part of this transformative journey. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with the support of our community, continues to inspire us as we push boundaries, and work towards creating a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Comet 2.0

As mentioned in last week’s FF update, our internal team is diligently conducting a thorough second-round beta testing of Comet and Inheriti® to ensure the seamless integration of these platforms.

Throughout this testing phase, we are also making small UI/UX improvements to Comet 2.0. to fine-tune the user interface and make necessary adjustments to new features such as fiat payment and the integration of SafeKey Mobile.

We will continue to provide updates in our Flash Fridays as we advance through the testing period and make further refinements to Comet 2.0 and Inheriti®.

Safe Haven and vechain: Empowering Sustainable Collaboration

Congratulations to vechain on the official launch of Sync 2 wallet in the iOS App Store! The hard work and dedication have paid off, bringing a feature-rich, user-friendly wallet that is ledger-compatible and combines security and convenience. The expansion of $VET wallet options is a significant milestone, providing enhanced accessibility for the vechain community.

We would like to emphasize that Safe Haven and vechain firmly believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessity for our society to flourish. Together, through our collaboration, we are committed to fostering trust, transparency, and participation by leveraging blockchain technology. Our joint efforts aim to empower individuals, businesses, and institutions to actively contribute to the development of interconnected ecosystems where every action is accounted for, and its impact is multiplied to benefit all. This sustainable collaboration represents a significant milestone in our journey, as we strive to revolutionize the blockchain landscape and drive positive change.

As technology continues to evolve, Safe Haven and vechain remain at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries and unlocking the full potential of blockchain in driving sustainable development.

Pioneering Decentralized Seed Phrase Recovery in Cryptocurrency Security

Not long ago, the cryptocurrency community was captivated by the announcement of Ledger, which shed light on the prominent issue of seed phrase recovery. This is indeed a crucial issue that many users face when it comes to securing their digital assets. However, at Safe Haven, we have been addressing this problem for years, and we have taken a different approach.

We understand that relying on a centralized solution for seed phrase recovery can introduce potential risks and vulnerabilities. That’s why we have developed our own decentralized inheritance and backup solution: Inheriti®. With Inheriti®, users can securely store their seed phrases and distribute access to trusted individuals or beneficiaries using our advanced cryptographic technology, built on a three-layer topology.

Our decentralized approach ensures that the ownership and control of the seed phrases remain with the individuals themselves, mitigating the risks associated with centralization. By leveraging blockchain technology, we provide a secure and transparent method for managing digital assets and ensuring their seamless transfer in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

At Safe Haven, we believe in empowering individuals to take full control of their digital assets and protecting their privacy. Our innovative solutions have been designed to offer a decentralized alternative to seed phrase recovery, providing enhanced security and peace of mind for cryptocurrency users.

While we appreciate the attention brought to the seed phrase recovery problem, we want to emphasize that Safe Haven has been at the forefront of solving this issue for years, offering a decentralized solution that prioritizes user control and security.

Safe Haven’s SafeNode Journey

We took a closer look at the latest statistics for the Safe Nodes as of May 19th, 2023. The numbers are nothing short of impressive, reflecting the incredible support and loyalty of the SHAman community.

The community’s interest shines brightly with a staggering 486 Connect nodes, showcasing their commitment and active participation in the ecosystem. These dedicated individuals are the backbone of Safe Haven.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! The Harbor tier boasts a remarkable 299 nodes, while the Consensus tier, representing advanced engagement, stands strong with 91 nodes. It’s a testament to the growing influence and trust that Safe Haven has garnered in the blockchain community.

However, the true stars of the show are the esteemed Legacy nodes. With 36 of these prestigious nodes already in place, the SHAman community demonstrates unwavering dedication and loyalty. The Legacy tier represents the pinnacle of achievement within Safe Haven’s staking program, and it’s an honor to have such a remarkable number of participants at this level.

Adding to the anticipation, there are also nodes in the process of upgrading. Imagine the excitement as 11 Connect nodes, 4 Harbor nodes, 7 Consensus nodes, and 8 Legacy nodes ascend to higher tiers, symbolizing the progress and growth within the SHAman community.

Safe Haven’s Safe Node statistics are a testament to the project’s vision and the remarkable support and loyalty it has received. As the numbers continue to soar, Safe Haven stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, offering real-world solutions to the digital asset management and inheritance planning landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates from Safe Haven as we continue to revolutionize the industry and reward the incredible SHAman community for their unwavering loyalty. The journey has just begun!

Sneak Peek of Exciting New Partnership

Exciting news is on the horizon! Safe Haven is excited to tease a partnership that aims to revolutionize the way you manage your digital assets. We have joined forces with a state-of-the-art platform that will revolutionize the way you interact with your digital assets. This collaboration will bring an innovative mobile application to your fingertips, providing real-time market data and an array of features. You’ll have the power to effortlessly explore new projects, and stay informed about the latest developments in the crypto space.

The $SHA token will be verified and listed in the wallet, providing enhanced accessibility and exposure to the broader crypto community. Imagine having all the information you need about $SHA tokenomics, market trends, and company details conveniently accessible within a single interface.

We’re also thrilled to announce that our core products will be seamlessly integrated into this groundbreaking platform. This collaboration guarantees that the wider audience will have immediate access to comprehensive information on decentralized inheritance and backup plans, as well as enhanced security for their digital accounts, right at their fingertips.

Stay tuned for the reveal of this partnership, we are looking forward to share more details with you very soon!

Panos Mekras’ Twitter Thread

As a company dedicated to providing secure solutions, we believe in equipping people with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their digital asset management.

Panos Mekras, one of our esteemed advisors, has astounded us with his Twitter thread, passionately advocating for the importance of digital asset security. In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, educating individuals about the risks posed by centralized hardware wallets and highlighting the advantages of decentralized solutions is crucial and we thank you for the attention.

It was nice to see vechain recognizing the excellent tools developed by Safe Haven and for highlighting our team’s contributions to building infrastructure not only on vechain but also for the wider crypto space.


We want to take this opportunity to reiterate our deep gratitude for the incredible support and kind words we continuously receive from the #SHAman community. The number of messages we receive from our community never fails to fill our hearts with warmth.

Ongoing Efforts

Our commitment to excellence drives our marketing efforts as we strive to bring our innovative solutions to the forefront of the industry.

In addition to the exciting updates we share, we are dedicated to optimizing our online presence to ensure seamless user experiences. Our skilled team is tirelessly working on enhancing our product websites, implementing advanced SEO strategies, and developing enticing affiliate programs that offer value to our partners and users.

To spread awareness and expand our reach, we have a marketing plan in place aligned with the current phase and market conditions. This includes attending prominent blockchain events, where we showcase our cutting-edge products and engage with industry professionals. We are actively pursuing opportunities for press releases, collaborations, and strategic partnerships that enable us to amplify our message and connect with a broader audience.

Education is a growing priority for us, to provide valuable content that empowers users to make informed decisions about their digital assets. Through informative blog posts, and engaging social media activities, we aim to educate and inspire individuals to take control of their financial future with our secure and innovative solutions.

In addition, we’re working on a SafeSwap Ambassador Campaign to attract more projects to list their token on SafeSwap, as well as a CGM revival to bring more action and incentives to the CGM group. Our team is dedicated to bringing more exciting incentives for CGM community members in the future as we recognize the value of our community.


We highlighted the milestones and topics of this week, such as beta testing for Comet 2.0, the node statistics, the collaboration with vechain, seed phrase recovery and ongoing efforts we’re working on behind the scenes. We want to conclude this Flash Friday by sharing with you that we are thrilled to be making strides on multiple fronts, and we are grateful to have you accompanying us on this exciting journey. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend, fellow SHAman’s! 🔮🧙‍♂️


Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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