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Revolutionary Atomic Swapping With Safe Haven’s SafeSwap

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SafeSwap is a revolutionary atomic swap platform that enables you to transfer native tokens between compatible blockchains. This easy-to-use swap mechanism enables projects to deploy their developed solutions on other blockchains, all while benefiting from speedy and low-cost transactions.

A Revolutionary Solution, For Revolutionary Times

SafeSwap converts a native token or coin so it can be used on different blockchains. For example, a user wants to convert their VET coin that is VeChain-based (VET-VIP180) to a VET coin that is Ethereum-based (VET-ERC20).

SafeSwap makes it possible to use developed solutions beyond their native chain, opening a door of expansion to new user groups without having to migrate from their native chain of choice. Because SafeSwap is a 1:1 swap, the tokenomics and maximum supply are kept intact. Additionally, no liquidity is needed which eliminates common issues like low liquidity and slippage.

Due to the nature of atomic swaps, token conversion is performed without any need for an intermediary or central authority. It is the safest and most decentralized swapping process available. At no point during the process does the user lose control of the assets being swapped.

Safe Haven prides itself on the safety and security of all stakeholders.

SafeSwap has been intensely audited by Red4Sec, an organization famous for fielding cybersecurity experts and security analysts with many years of experience both inside and outside of the blockchain space. Their holistic approach to rooting out security vulnerabilities is best in class and a significant factor for enlisting their expertise.

The Real Competitive Advantages Behind SafeSwap

  • Digital assets can be used across multiple blockchains without having to adjust tokenomics or migrate across blockchains.
  • Projects can strategically target special features of other blockchains (e.g., technology, speed, cost, foundation support, funding, partnerships) and offer their solutions to new user bases.
  • SafeSwap does not require Liquidity Pools (LPs), which ensures 24/7 access to users without worry about slippage.
  • SafeSwap enables users to swap tokens directly from their wallets without losing custody during the process.
  • Easy-to-use and familiar interface that was beta tested by a large group of users.

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What Value Does SafeSwap Bring to the Safe Haven Ecosystem?

Of course, SafeSwap enables the same advantages to Safe Haven that it would for any project that integrates it. Many of our solutions are now capable of going cross-chain;

  • Inheriti – decentralized inheritance & backup plans
  • FundRequest –  open-source platform that enables developers to outsource dev/code work on smart contracts via GitHub.

By going cross-chain, Safe Haven can expand their reach across other blockchains and partner with prominent organizations. Additionally, this allows the SHA token to be made more accessible if community supporters choose to become liquidity providers on major DEX platforms.

Across every Safe Haven solution, there is an element of utility that requires the SHA token be leveraged, even if it is in the backend and the user is unaware. SafeSwap is no exception and node/token supporters will see benefits from increased adoption and utility.

SafeSwap is the B2B Solution for Projects Looking to Go Cross Chain

SafeSwap will debut with support for the following blockchains: VeChain, Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), and Binance Smart Chain. Future updates will expand blockchain support and will also extend to partnered projects. As a matter of fact, while SafeSwap was nearing completion, a new project has partnered with Safe Haven and their product has already been integrated and audited.

Ultimately, SafeSwap provides projects an easy-to-use, low-cost, and effective atomic swap. Below are some more reasons why projects may want to integrate SafeSwap:

  • Create the capability of deploying products across multiple blockchain user bases.
  • Have the opportunity to benefit from technical and commercial features of other blockchains.
  • Offer the users of your project more avenues and strategies to deploy their tokens and NFTs.

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Blockchain Project Owner?

SafeSwap V1 will be supporting EVM chains like vechain, Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon/Matic. If you’re a blockchain project owner and you’re feeling the need to take your project cross-chain, click here to apply for a SafeSwap listing »

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