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Safe Haven Waves Goodbye to the Ethereum Blockchain, Last Chance to Swap your SHA!

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It has been quite sometime since we had our initial private sale [Primablock] and presale on the Ethereum Blockchain. Since June 2018, we have cleared many hurdles and accomplished a great many things, including moving from the Ethereum Blockchain to the VeChainThor Blockchain. Now fully integrated into the VeChain Community, it is time that we close the remaining Ethereum link, and give one last opportunity to those who participated in the these sales and hold an ERC-20 SHA token to swap. On May 31, 2019, we will cease the opportunity for initial private buyers to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) process and swap ERC-20 SHA tokens for VIP-180 SHA tokens. KYC will have to be completed and verified prior to swapping.

Upon closing the opportunity to swap the two token types, Safe Haven will fully refund the precise amount of Ethereum contributed during the sales. The Ethereum will only be refunded to the wallet from which it had originally been sent. Essentially, this means that if an individual did not take advantage of the opportunity to swap the token, but no longer has access to the wallet that they had originally made the Ethereum contribution, the refund will likely be unretrievable. It is important to understand that Safe Haven will not continue to support the swap process after this date and any funds that have been returned to original ERC-20 wallets will have been done so with full transparency. This translates into: it is the responsibility of each individual party (if not already completed the swap) to decide upon whether they would like to receive the Ethereum refund or complete the token swap prior to this date. Safe Haven will no longer maintain any Ethereum contributions from unresponsive parties.

To complete KYC registration and swap ERC-20 SHA for VIP-180 SHA, you will first navigate to: From this link, you will log in to your original contribution account and navigate to the ‘SHA (ERC-20) Tokenswap’ link. Within this registration, please follow the directions accordingly and make sure to provide a valid VeChainThor [VIP-180] wallet address, without this address, we cannot successfully swap your ERC-20 SHA for VIP-180 SHA and you will be required to resubmit.

Once again, we would like to state that this will be the last opportunity to swap token types to the functional SHA token that is/will be integrated into all Safe Haven solutions. After this date, we will no longer support the swap and Ethereum contributions will have been refunded. As always, we thank our community for the continued support and hope you will stay tuned for future updates.

As always, we also thank our community for your continued support.

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