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Flash Development Update [2023/44]

⚡ Friday! Through the highs and lows of the industry, we’re keeping our eyes on the prize here at Safe Haven. Staying true to our course, we’ve been busy building and refining, ensuring that our community stays ahead of the curve with secure and user-centered solutions. Let's dive in to what happened this week! 👇 ✅ Startup Stage Winners ✅ First Week of Comet 2.0 ✅ November Staking Program And more! Read the full FF update here!

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Flash Development Update [2023/31-32]

⚡️ Friday! Let’s dive into what happened this week! 👇 ✅ First SafeSwap Whitelabel contract ✅ More SafeSwap blockchain integrations ✅ Ongoing Inheriti® and Comet developments ✅ Voting Magic Square ✅ Twitter Space with StartupGrind ✅ nodes 100% uptime

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Flash Development Update [2022/22]

Amongst many other meetings, Co-Founder/COO Andy and CPO Tyler joined a Top 10 cryptocurrency on a special podcast‼️ If you want to learn more about what our team has done this week, checkout our Flash Friday

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