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A Year of Progress: Safe Haven’s Milestones of 2023

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The journey through 2023 has shown our commitment, marked by significant advancements and strategic evolutions. Stepping into 2024, Safe Haven still upholds its vision of providing secure and decentralized solutions for digital inheritance and legacy transfer.

In this article we aim to provide a better understanding of the milestones we have achieved in the past year and the choices we have made along the way.

Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Growth

While reflecting on the transformative landscape of the crypto industry in 2023, it’s clear that Safe Haven’s journey through the year stands out as one of progress and resilience. Amidst the shifting market sentiments and emerging bullish trends, our focus on innovation and user-centric solutions has led to remarkable milestones and significant growth over the past year.

Safe Haven’s first 5 years were mostly about building technical and business fundamentals. The phase we entered this year slowly shifted focus to building more utility, growing accessibility, being omnipresent and creating smooth user experiences for both Web2 and Web3 users.

In no specific order, let’s explore what we’ve achieved this year.


SafeKey, our powerful USB device, has not only been thoroughly tested and proven effective but has also gained a significant user base. Its unique dual capability of providing robust two-factor authentication for online accounts and serving as secure storage for encrypted backup and inheritance plan shares through Inheriti® has set it apart in the market.


✅ Rebranding

We developed a professional and recognizable brand style, which has been important in defining the SafeKey brand, its marketing and communication strategies. This rebranding wasn’t just a visual makeover, but also a strategic move to make SafeKey more relatable and understandable to a wider audience.


One of the first most striking developments was the strategic rebranding of SafeKey with the introduction of SafeKey One and SafeKey Pro. This distinction has enabled users to choose a model that best fits their specific needs and it will help us to explain the different cases more clearly and guide users more effectively.

🔗 View SafeKey Comparison

🔗 View SafeKey Bundles


✅ Revamped Website & Webshop

Aligned with the new branding, we launched a revamped website, designed to simplify the product understanding for diverse audiences, including crypto enthusiasts, regular internet users, business owners and enterprises.

The new webshop, mirroring the updated brand style, streamlined the purchasing process and better aligned the products with their intended use cases.

🔗 View SafeKey Website

🔗 View SafeKey Webshop


✅ New and Improved Documentation

Just as we will be doing for all our products over time, we’ve created simple yet detailed documentation about SafeKey. The docs provide insights and details to help you get started and create a better understanding of SafeKey and its use cases.

🔗 View SafeKey Docs


✅ SafeKey Affiliate Program

The launch of the SafeKey Affiliate Program marked another significant milestone in our community engagement efforts.

In short, our new SafeKey Affiliate Program is perfect for tech-savvy influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and crypto enthusiasts who want to monetize their online presence, reach new audiences and earn fair commissions for promoting innovative security technology. All without the need to manage inventory or customer support.

🔗 Become SafeKey Affiliate


✅ SafeKey Reseller Program

Our SafeKey Reseller Program offers businesses the chance to offer the latest security technology to their customers, boost their revenue, and stand out from the competition.

Additionally, the program opens the possibility for businesses to have their own branded SafeKeys, further personalizing their offerings. As official resellers, businesses work directly with our team, gaining access to competitive pricing, excellent margins and our patented security solutions.

🔗 Become SafeKey Reseller



SafeSwap, our secure cross-chain atomic swapping protocol, was launched in 2022 as a cornerstone solution, enabling seamless native token transfers across various blockchains and plays a crucial role in the broader context of our ecosystem. In 2023, SafeSwap continued to be a vital component in our strategy, contributing significantly to our goals of increased accessibility and omnipresence.


✅ Expanding SafeSwap’s Reach

Our strategic focus for SafeSwap in 2023 was firmly anchored in the expansion of our multichain ecosystem. With the ambitious rollout of products like Inheriti® 2.0 and Comet 2.0, our aim has been to ensure these offerings are accessible across multiple blockchains to as wide an audience as possible.

A critical step in this strategy was the transformation of the SHA token into a multichain token, a task where SafeSwap played an instrumental role. By enhancing SafeSwap’s capabilities, we ensured the fluid movement of SHA across various networks, laying the groundwork for the expansion and integration of our entire suite of products.


✅ Receiving an Optimism Grant

One of the most significant milestones for SafeSwap in 2023 was receiving an Optimism Grant. Being selected in Cycle 14 Final of Optimism Builders Grants, from a pool of 97 applicants, was not just an accomplishment but a big rewarding to Safe Haven’s commitment to blockchain innovation. This recognition came with a 20K $OP grant, propelling our efforts to integrate and enhance SafeSwap’s functionalities.

Safe Haven Secures Optimism Builders Grant: Fueling SafeSwap’s Expansion


✅ Expanding to Optimism and Base

The above mentioned grant facilitated the acceleration of our integration with the Optimism blockchain, enabling builders and users from other chains to leverage Optimism’s benefits too.

In addition to Optimism, SafeSwap integrated with the Base blockchain, further solidified our position as a versatile tool for cross-chain transactions and opening up new avenues for token transfers and dApp functionalities across multiple blockchain networks.


✅ Explainer Video

Another big step in making SafeSwap’s complex technology accessible to a wider audience was the release of an explainer video. This video served as an educational tool, simplifying the understanding of SafeSwap’s functionalities and benefits.


✅ Commission Program

The SafeSwap Commission Program was designed to incentivize and reward community members for their contributions to the growth of SafeSwap, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration within the community whilst simultaneously broadening the utility and range of projects available on SafeSwap.

In short, community members who identify and recommend new projects for listing on SafeSwap are eligible for attractive rewards.

Commission Program

✅ SafeSwap in Numbers

The growth and development of SafeSwap in 2023 represent a significant stride towards realizing Safe Haven’s ambition of creating a multichain ecosystem.

As we move forward, SafeSwap will continue to be a cornerstone in our strategy to make Safe Haven’s products universally accessible and integral to the burgeoning blockchain landscape.

Since its inception, SafeSwap has made remarkable strides:


Comet 2.0

Comet is a digital wallet that lets you manage crypto and access blockchain applications directly through your browser. We believe you should have full control over your own assets, no one else. That’s why for Comet, we follow the YKYC (Your Keys = Your Crypto) philosophy.


✅ Rebranding

The year saw a comprehensive rebranding of Comet, reflecting our commitment to staying aligned with the evolving needs of the Web3 community.

This rebranding was not only a visual refresh, it also represents a renewed focus on making Comet an integral and user-friendly part of the Safe Haven ecosystem.


✅ Comet 2.0 with Improved UI/UX

Perhaps the most significant development was the launch of the new Comet wallet, which featured an improved user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

These improvements were aimed at simplifying interactions for users, whether they were managing tokens or engaging with decentralized applications.


✅ Revamped Website

Accompanying the rebranding was the launch of a revamped website for Comet. This new website was designed to offer users an intuitive navigation experience, making it easier to understand Comet’s features and capabilities.

🔗 Visit Comet 2.0 Website


✅ New and Improved Documents

To complement the revamped Comet wallet and website, we introduced new and improved documentation. This comprehensive resource covered all aspects of using Comet, from basic operations to more advanced functionalities. The improved documentation was part of our effort to ensure that users, regardless of their technical background, could effectively utilize all the features of Comet wallet.

🔗 Read Comet 2.0 Docs



In 2023, Safe Haven dedicated significant efforts to evolving Inheriti®, our flagship digital asset management tool.

Kicking off 2024, these initiatives are setting the stage for a transformative era for Inheriti®, shaping it into a more versatile and comprehensive solution.


✅ Comet 2.0 with Improved UI/UX

Throughout 2023 we have been engaged in a rebranding process for Inheriti® 2.0. This rebranding goes beyond a visual makeover. It’s a strategic alignment with our expanded vision.

Inheriti® is evolving from a digital inheritance platform to a multifaceted tool for diverse digital security needs, from personal dataprotection to business continuity.


✅ New UI/UX

One of the key focuses this year has been designing a new UI/UX for Inheriti® 2.0.

This development is aimed at enhancing user engagement and simplifying the user experience, ensuring Inheriti® 2.0 meets the evolving demands of users in the realms of personal data protection, crypto asset security and more.


✅ Kick-Off Inheriti® 2.0 Development

While Inheriti® 1.0 was mainly centered around digital inheritances, the 2.0 version introduces various protection plans to cater to a more extensive range of user requirements and even Web2 users.

The development of Inheriti® 2.0 has been in full swing in 2023, with significant progress made on the frontend. Our team isin the process of building a robust backend, integrating it with a suite of SDKs to ensure compatibility with the broader SafeHaven ecosystem, including SafeKey Mobile, the blockchain, and SafeID.

The Power of Inheriti® 2.0 – Use Cases Beyond Digital Inheritance

✅ Kick-Off New Inheriti Website

Parallel to the development of Inheriti® 2.0, we initiated the creation of a new website.

Set to launch in 2024, the site will offer an intuitive platform packed with comprehensive documentation and guides, facilitating a deeper understanding and effective use of Inheriti® 2.0 for a broad audience.

✅ Optimism Builders Grant for Inheriti® 2.0

Another highlight of 2023 was securing the Optimism Builders Grant for Inheriti® 2.0, underscoring our commitment to innovation in the blockchain space. After the recognition and support received for SafeSwap, this significant achievement reinforces our continuous commitment to innovation and expansion across diverse blockchains.


✅ Vechain’s The HiVe Conference

The Safe Haven team participated at VeChain’s the HiVe conference in Las Vegas. The summit focused on web3 and sustainability. Our CEO Jürgen Schouppe was interviewed by King Solomon.


The team of Safe Haven collaborated with VeChain and World of V to establish a fun giveaway event for all community members of the VeFam. Sunny Lu, Jurgen Schouppe, Andy Demulemeester and Americano (Vetliever) autographed the first phygital SafeKey produced by SafeTech to be utilized as the giveaway prize!

Safe Haven’s Reflection and Experience during the HiVe Conference in Las Vegas


✅ Mastercard 255 Conference

Our team member Andrej visited MasterCard’s conference about Web3. With 2 days conference, 300 VIP seats, 20+ internationally acclaimed speakers and 20+ project partners it was the ultimate blend of technology and sports at the “Mastercard255 to the Moon Conference” in Planica, Slovenia.

Andrej stated he had gained valuable insights from experts who are at the forefront of their fields after listening to speakers from renowned brands like Binance, Bitfinex Pay, OTP Bank, Revolut, GSIC powered by Microsoft, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.


✅ Binance Blockchain Week

Our team actively participated in the Binance Blockchain Week 2023 held in Istanbul, Turkey. Confirming the rumors, we indeed construct meaningful initiatives and foster invaluable connections.

Our strategic decision to attend this event proved to be instrumental, providing our team with the opportunity to forge numerous new connections and ignite interest in our products, Inheriti® and SafeSwap, among influential figures within the blockchain industry.


Other Achievements


✅ Expanded Developer Team

In 2023, we significantly enhanced our development capabilities by expanding our team, a vital step towards advancing our core products. We grew to a dedicated group of five full stack developers, primarily focusing on the development of Inheriti® 2.0, ensuring this flagship product evolves to meet our vision of a versatile and secure digital asset management tool.

Simultaneously, a specialized duo has been committed to Comet 2.0, working towards optimizing its functionality and user experience within the Safe Haven ecosystem.


✅ Trademark Updates for Inheriti®

We achieved a notable milestone in trademark registration for Inheriti® in the United States, complementing our existing trademark approvals in the EU, UK, Hong Kong, and China. This marks a significant step in safeguarding our brand and securingour intellectual property rights on a global scale.


✅ Distribution of Record Amount Node Rewards

Our recent Node Rewards Distribution, with a 57% increase in rewards compared to last year, has been met with positive responses from the community. This increase highlights the growing activity in the Safe Haven ecosystem.

The distribution of those rewards is our commitment to appreciating and rewarding the contributions of our node holders.


✅ More Options to Buy SHA

As we continue to grow the Safe Haven ecosystem, it’s important to remind our community about the variety of methods available for acquiring SHA tokens.

For many, KuCoin has been the go-to exchange, but we’re here to highlight some decentralized options that were added last year and may have flown under your radar.


✅ Started Doing More X Spaces

🔗 XX Network: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1eaJbrPOddXJX/

🔗 KuCoin: https://twitter.com/i/spaced/1yNGaNALnpRj/


Summary Of 2023 Highlights

Reflecting on a transformative year, the following summary offers a concise overview of Safe Haven’s key milestones in 2023. This list shows our progress and dedication, highlighting major achievements and innovations that have significantly shaped our ecosystem and will continue to do so.

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