Flash Development Update [2023/48] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/48]

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In a sobering reminder of the ongoing security challenges within the cryptocurrency industry, November has been marked as the most “damaging” month of 2023.

With a staggering $363 million lost to thefts, scams and exploits, as reported by blockchain security firm CertiK, the need for heightened security and self-sovereignty in the crypto space has never been more apparent.

High-profile incidents at Poloniex and HTX/Heco Bridge and the significant KyberSwap flash loan attack, highlight the vulnerabilities and risks associated with centralized platforms and other intermediaries.

At Safe Haven, these events further fuel our dedication to creating solutions that empower you to take control of your digital assets and data. Our commitment is reflected in the development of products like Comet 2.0, SafeSwap and Inheriti 2.0, which are designed to enable self-custody and eliminate reliance on middlemen.

By prioritizing direct asset management, we offer a layer of security and autonomy that is crucial for the future of Web3.

Moreover, SafeSwap’s approach of avoiding wrapped tokens adds another layer of security, ensuring that your transactions are direct and your assets remain truly yours.

In these times, when security in the crypto world is being tested, we’re here to offer solutions that put control and safety back in your hands.

So that said, let’s take a look at what happened at Safe Haven this week! 👇

Upcoming Node Reward Distribution

December is set to be an exciting month for SafeNode holders.

Currently, we’re preparing the upcoming Node Reward Distribution, a key event in our calendar.

This is our way of saying thank you to our dedicated node holders who play a crucial role in maintaining and securing the Safe Haven ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more details as we approach the distribution date and get ready to reap the rewards of your contributions to our growing ecosystem!

December Staking Program

December also marks another round of our Staking Program for SHA.

For those who have participated before, you know the drill!

For newcomers, this is a fantastic opportunity to earn rewards by staking your SHA tokens. Our Staking Program is designed to be flexible and rewarding, catering to both node and non-node holders.

Whether you’re looking to increase your holdings or simply support the network, our staking program offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your involvement with Safe Haven.

Learn more at https://safehaven.io/sha/staking

Important Update for SafeNode and VeThor Wallet Users

For our Safe Haven community members using the VeThor wallet in conjunction with SafeNode and participating in our staking program, there’s an important update you need to be aware of.

Vechain has announced that the VeThor wallet will be transitioning to a storage-only mode, effectively discontinuing its development. This change means the VeThor wallet will soon become outdated, prompting the need for our users to transition to a new wallet app.

Here’s what we advise you to do:

Export your wallet from VeThor as a keystore file and then import it into the Comet 2.0 wallet.

It’s crucial to understand that this process does not change your wallet address. Therefore, your SafeNode status and participation in the staking program remain unaffected as long as your wallet address stays the same.

So in fact, you have to do nothing in the SafeNode app, you’ll just need to start using another wallet app.

As of December 31st, the VeThor mobile wallet will enter storage-only mode. It’s important to note that even after this change, keystore extraction will remain available, ensuring that your assets continue to be secure.

We urge our community members to make this transition smoothly to ensure continued, uninterrupted use of your wallet in the future.

We’ll also publish some guidelines on how to move from VeThor to Comet 2.0 in the coming days.

New Partnership for Safe Haven

We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming partnership for Safe Haven with a non-EVM chain.

This collaboration is a direct response to our community’s desire for more SHA listings. While it’s not a CEX listing, this partnership is set to bring greater exposure to SHA on a non-EVM chain.

Keep an eye out for more details on this exciting development.

SafeSwap Demonstration Day is Coming

Mark your calendars for January 4th at 5 PM CET, as we join Demonstration Day with SafeSwap on the Optimism Mainnet.

This is a significant opportunity for us to introduce SafeSwap to the Optimism builders and the wider Optimism community.

We have prepared a brand-new tutorial video, tailor-made for the Optimism community, which will be a key part of our presentation.

Still not sure what SafeSwap really is? Take a look at our explainer video 👇

Some SafeSwap Insights

Since its inception, SafeSwap has made remarkable strides:

  • Utilized 23 cross-chain connections
  • Transferred 1.45 billion tokens cross-chain
  • Completed 2,148 swaps
  • Facilitated 2 project migrations
  • Connected 6 of the most default chains, with more being added
  • Listed 7 projects, with more on the way
  • Encountered no security issues

We are continuously working on adding more chains, projects/tokens, and wallets.

Expect these numbers to increase significantly as SafeSwap expands its reach and capabilities.

We Are Now Verified on CoinMarketCap Community

Safe Haven is now officially verified on CoinMarketCap Community!

This verification marks a significant milestone for us, opening doors to a range of exclusive features that we’re excited to explore and utilize. This verification also means we’ll have access to unique tools and features on CoinMarketCap, allowing us to engage more effectively with our audience and the broader crypto community.

It enhances our ability to share updates, insights, and developments directly on the platform, increasing our visibility and interaction with users. For our community, this means more up-to-date information, enhanced transparency and an even closer connection to the pulse of the crypto market.

Stay tuned as we leverage these new capabilities to bring you more comprehensive and engaging content on CoinMarketCap!

Take a look and go follow our community page: https://coinmarketcap.com/community/profile/safehaven/



As we close out this week’s Flash Friday update, it’s clear that we are moving forward with significant strides across multiple fronts. From preparing the much-anticipated Node Reward Distribution to gearing up for the December Staking Program, we are constantly finding ways to reward and engage the SHAman community.

The transition for SafeNode and VeThor Wallet users to new products like Comet 2.0 and VeWorld is a necessary step towards modernizing and securing our ecosystem, ensuring uninterrupted service and enhanced security for all our users.

The upcoming SafeSwap Demonstration Day on the Optimism Mainnet and our new partnership with a non-EVM chain both highlight our commitment to expanding Safe Haven’s reach and enhancing the utility of SHA.

These developments, coupled with the insightful SafeSwap performance statistics, reflect our dedication to building a robust and versatile platform.

Being verified on CoinMarketCap Community also opens a new chapter for us in terms of visibility and community engagement. It’s a milestone that symbolizes trust and credibility in the broader crypto space.

All these steps are part of our ongoing journey to innovate, secure and empower the community. So once again, we want to thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie in our path, especially with Inheriti® 2.0, which we’re ready to embrace with the same vigor and commitment that defines the rest of the Safe Haven ecosystem.

Enjoy your weekend SHAman! 🔮🧙‍♂️

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