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Q&A Circulating Supply & More

As indicated in the weekly report to our community, Flash Friday December 22, 2023, we provide you with more comprehensive information regarding circulating supply, available financial resources, and other financial aspects of the Safe Haven organization. This Q&A article elaborates on the questions shared in the community channels. With the article we aim to provide you with insights into our operations and decision-making processes.

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Flash Development Update [2023/50]

⚡ Friday! In an environment where security breaches are increasingly common, Safe Haven's approach to digital asset management is not just about building tools but fostering a culture of self-reliance and resilience. Our products are developed to give you the confidence and autonomy to manage your assets securely. We build products that empower users to take control of their own digital assets, free from the risks associated with middlemen and external vulnerabilities. That said, let's dive in to what happened this week!

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Flash Development Update [2023/49]

⚡ Friday! Despite Bitcoin facing numerous downturns and being declared 'dead' numerous times – 474 times since 2010, to be exact, according to 99Bitcoins – the crypto world continues to demonstrate its tenacity and potential for recovery. In the face of these challenges, Safe Haven always remained steadfast in its mission. Just as Bitcoin continues to rebound and prove its critics wrong, we are committed to innovating and enhancing our solutions. From Inheriti® 2.0 to Comet 2.0. From SafeSwap to SafeKey. We came to stay. **This week's updates reflect exactly that dedication, so let's dive in to what happened this week!** 👇

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Flash Development Update [2023/48]

⚡ Friday! With a staggering $363 million lost to thefts, scams and exploits, November has been marked as the most "damaging" month of 2023. The need for heightened security and self-sovereignty in the crypto space has never been more apparent. In these times, when security in the crypto world is being tested, we're here to offer solutions that put control and safety back in your hands. Let's dive in to what happened this week!

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Shamanic Oracles Deep-Dive: Fusion Protocols and Ranked Rarity Stratification to Enhance the Utility of NFTs within P2E Tournaments!

Safe Haven's official NFT collection, the Shamanic Oracles, has introduced a new fusion and rarity stratification system; players can burn two NFT characters of the same gender and level, so that each player can build their minted Fusion NFTs with the desired attributes available from the categories of both burnt NFTs. Read this walkthrough to better understand the fusion utility and rarity stratification protocols being implemented within the Shamanic Oracles NFT project. Additional information about play-to-earn strategies and farming/staking capabilities will become made available at a later date!

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Introduction to the Shamanic Oracles NFT Collection and P2E Game

Read this introduction to better understand the utility protocols being implemented within the Shamanic Oracles NFT project. Additional information about play-to-earn strategies available within the gaming sector being developed will come later!

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