Flash Development Update [2023/49] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/49]

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As we dive into this week’s Flash Friday update, it’s worth reflecting on the remarkable resilience of Bitcoin and the broader crypto market. Despite facing numerous downturns and being declared ‘dead’ numerous times – 474 times since 2010, to be exact, according to 99Bitcoins – the crypto world continues to demonstrate its tenacity and potential for recovery.

This pattern of resilience underscores the enduring value and viability of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, even amid market volatilities and skeptical views.

In the face of these challenges, Safe Haven always remained steadfast in its mission. Our developments and initiatives, such as the partnership with Anodos to bring SHA and Inheriti® to the XRP Ledger and the integration of Optimism and Base into SafeSwap, show our belief in the long-term potential of blockchain technology.

Just as Bitcoin continues to rebound and prove its critics wrong, we are committed to innovating and enhancing our solutions. From Inheriti® 2.0 to Comet 2.0. From SafeSwap to SafeKey.

We came to stay.

This week’s updates reflect our dedication to providing secure, reliable solutions in the blockchain world, mirroring the resilience and enduring nature of cryptocurrencies.

Let’s explore the latest advancements and milestones at Safe Haven of this week 👇

Anodos to Bring SHA and Inheriti® Plans to XRP Ledger

We’re thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Anodos, marking a significant step in integrating Safe Haven’s SHA token and Inheriti® onto the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This collaboration is all about boosting accessibility and liquidity for SHA on the XRPL’s ecosystem.

Phase 1 of this partnership begins in January 2024, where we’ll issue 10 million SHA on the XRPL, making it available for trading on its Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Phase 2, following the launch of the EVM sidechain, will see the integration of SafeSwap, facilitating atomic swaps of SHA across various chains.

This partnership goes beyond trading. It will enable users to create Inheriti® plans directly on the XRPL, using SHA via the XUMM wallet. It’s a move that makes using SHA for digital inheritance planning more convenient and accessible, enhancing user experience within the XRPL ecosystem.

Upcoming Space with Anodos on Sunday

Following our announcement about partnering with Anodos, we’re inviting you to delve deeper into this collaboration. Join us on Sunday, December 17, 2023, at 7 PM CET for an X Space session, where we’ll be discussing our strategic alliance with Anodos in detail.

This event marks Safe Haven’s first formal introduction to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community.

In this session, we’ll explore the nuances of our partnership, how it enhances the utility of the SHA token and Inheriti® on the XRPL and what this means for both Safe Haven and XRPL communities.

It’s a unique opportunity to understand the synergy between Anodos and Safe Haven, the phases of implementation and the future prospects this alliance holds.

We encourage everyone interested in the future of digital inheritance and asset management on the blockchain to join us. Whether you are a part of the Safe Haven community, the XRPL community, or just keen on blockchain innovation, this X Space session promises to be insightful and engaging, shedding light on the collaborative efforts shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Upcoming Big Safe Haven Community Quiz in December

Mark your calendars for an exciting event: The Big Safe Haven Community Quiz!

Scheduled for December 14th at 9 PM CET, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

It’s not just a quiz, it’s also a celebration of our community’s knowledge and passion for everything Safe Haven. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are new to our ecosystem, this quiz is for everyone who shares an interest in what we do.

We’ve got some cool prizes lined up for those who can showcase their knowledge about Safe Haven. It’s a fun way to engage with the community, test your understanding and maybe learn something new along the way.

Keep an eye out for more details coming soon. We’re excited to see who among you knows Safe Haven best! So, start brushing up on your Safe Haven facts and get ready to win in the quiz!

While we used Discord last few times, this quiz will be held in our Telegram community chat. Make sure to join us: https://t.me/safehavenio

The State of Inheriti® 2.0

Our Inheriti® development team has now expanded to five developers, all focused on bringing Inheriti® 2.0 to life with enhanced features and capabilities.

A significant milestone we’ve achieved recently is connecting Inheriti® 2.0 with the SafeKey Pro device. This integration allows for the seamless sending of shares to a SafeKey, as well as the ability to read and load these shares to unlock and access protected plans. This functionality is crucial for the secure storage and retrieval of your protected data.

Another exciting development is the long awaited SafeKey Mobile app. This app will provide an alternative to the SafeKey Pro hardware device, allowing beneficiaries to securely store shares on their mobile phones.

The current focus is on synchronizing the backend and frontend seamlessly to ensure the entire platform operates efficiently. Our aim is to create a user-friendly experience without compromising the security and integrity of the protocol.

In addition to these advancements, we’re also developing the Inheriti® Vault. This feature acts as a secure digital safe, enabling users to store backup shares safely. It’s designed to ensure the secure inheritance or storage of crucial digital assets.

Initially, Inheriti® 2.0 will focus on the vechain and Ethereum blockchains, with plans to expand to Optimism shortly thereafter. Our goal is to have Inheriti® 2.0 fully operational before the next Bitcoin halving, marking a significant step forward in secure digital legacy planning.

One day, all pieces of the Safe Haven puzzle will come together!

Minor Comet Wallet Update

The latest update for Comet, version 2.0.2, is now live on the Google Chrome Store!

To benefit from these improvements, please update your Comet Wallet extension on Google Chrome. Don’t forget to restart your browser after the update to ensure that the changes are effectively applied.

For a detailed overview of what’s new and improved in version 2.0.2, you can check out the full changelog in the Comet Wallet Documentation.

Haven’t tried Comet 2.0 yet?

Now’s a great time to get started! Learn more at cometwallet.io

Remember, keeping your wallet updated is key to ensuring you’re getting the best functionality and security.

Utility Rewards Distribution

We’re happy to share that today we distributed 22,427,076 SHA token to SafeNode holders! This is over 57% growth compared to the 14,224,402 SHA tokens that were distributed last year.

This distribution represents a significant share of the utility rewards generated within the Safe Haven ecosystem, particularly from product usage fees in Inheriti® and primarly SafeSwap. Another part of the utility rewards were also distributed to the Safe Haven foundation and marketing wallets.

Our node program is designed to reward those who contribute to the network’s security and sustainability. It includes four distinct tiers, each benefiting from the ecosystem’s success:

  1. Connect Tier
    • Percentage of Total Rewards: 3%
    • Number of Nodes: 337
    • SHA per Wallet: 1,996
    • Total SHA Distributed: 672,652
  2. Harbor Tier
    • Percentage of Total Rewards: 8%
    • Number of Nodes: 221
    • SHA per Wallet: 8,118
    • Total SHA Distributed: 1,794,078
  3. Consensus Tier
    • Percentage of Total Rewards: 32%
    • Number of Nodes: 68
    • SHA per Wallet: 105,540
    • Total SHA Distributed: 7,176,720
  4. Legacy Tier
    • Percentage of Total Rewards: 57%
    • Number of Nodes: 34
    • SHA per Wallet: 375,989
    • Total SHA Distributed: 12,783,626

These rewards are not just a thank you for being part of our community, they are a direct benefit from the fees generated by our ecosystem. By holding a node, you not only support the network but also gain a share in the utility and success of Safe Haven’s products.

We encourage more members of our community to explore the benefits of becoming a node holder. It’s an opportunity to be an integral part of our ecosystem, contributing to its security while enjoying a share of its generated utility.

A huge thank you goes out to all our node operators. Your role is crucial in driving the growth and security of Safe Haven and we are grateful for your dedication and support!

Learn all about our nodes at https://safehaven.io/sha/safe-nodes/

Free SafeKey PRO Distributed for eligible node holders

Eligible node holders (9 months Consensus or 6 months Legacy), we’ve sent out a special opportunity to your email from info[at]safehaven[dot]io. Inside, you’ll find a unique code that allows you to claim a FREE SafeKey Pro from our shop, or use it for a discount on an exclusive bundle deal.

SafeKey Pro is an essential tool for securing your online identity and digital data.

Currently we’ve already sent out multiple free SafeKeys all around the world, specifically to The Netherlands, Germany, United States, Belgium and Finland!

Haven’t received your code yet? Make sure to check your inbox for our email. This offer is a token of our appreciation for your support and contribution to the Safe Haven ecosystem.

Interested in getting a free SafeKey Pro in the future too? Setting up a Safe Node not only supports our network but also qualifies you for exclusive rewards like this.

Learn more about setting up your Safe Node and the benefits it brings at https://safehaven.io/sha/safe-nodes/

SHA Staking Program for December

December has set a new record in our staking program, with an incredible 213,550,328.63 SHA staked! This shows growing community engagement and trust in the Safe Haven ecosystem.

Our staking program is open to all SHA holders, offering flexibility and the freedom to manage your stakes as you see fit. It’s also designed to be very straightforward: start with a five-day loading period each month, followed by the main staking period.

Whether you’re a node holder or not, you’re welcome to participate. The rewards are calculated for the entire month, regardless of when you join during the loading period. This approach ensures that everyone gets a fair chance to earn rewards, contributing to and benefiting from the Safe Haven ecosystem.

December’s record figures are just the beginning. We’re excited to see more of our community participate and benefit from our staking program in the coming months!

Learn more about our staking program at https://safehaven.io/sha/staking/

SafeSwap Featured on Yahoo Finance

We’ve added the article about the integration of OP Mainnet into our SafeSwap platform, which has been featured in a press release on Yahoo Finance, to our news section on this website.

Safe Haven Elevates Interoperability for Optimism

This significant milestone, achieved on November 1st, 2023, marks our advancement in blockchain interoperability, particularly enhancing both the Safe Haven and the Optimism ecosystem.

The integration not only broadens the scope for developers in the Optimism ecosystem but also fortifies Safe Haven’s position as a frontrunner in blockchain technology.

This development has shown our commitment to providing innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of blockchain capabilities.

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As we wrap up this week’s Flash Friday update, it’s clear that we’re going to enter 2024 with great momentum. From the promising partnership with Anodos to elevate SHA and Inheriti® plans on the XRP Ledger, to the anticipated discussion in the upcoming Space with Anodos, we’re expanding our horizons and strengthening community connections!

Meanwhile, the successful SafeNode Reward Distribution reflects the growth of our ecosystem and the invaluable support and participation of our node holders, who are integral to our ecosystem. The distribution of Free SafeKey Pro to eligible node holders is another small token of our appreciation for their ongoing support.

With the staking program for December showing the highest participation for 2023, we’re even more encouraged to see the community’s growing involvement and enthusiasm.

Our steps towards enhancing interoperability with Optimism through SafeSwap and our efforts to engage the community with events like the Big December Safe Haven Quiz on December 14th demonstrate won’t stop our technological advancement and community building.

Looking ahead, we remain focused on driving forward with our mission and continue building Inheriti® 2.0, fueled by the support and engagement of our incredible community.

Here’s to continued growth, innovation and success in the Safe Haven ecosystem. 🍻

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Enjoy your weekend SHAman! 🔮🧙‍♂️

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