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Safe Haven’s Overview Q1 – 2023

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2023 has been nothing short of phenomenal for Safe Haven so far. We’ve hit some major milestones already, including launches (public and private) and the solidification of our foundation.

Want to know what we’ve been up to exactly?

Those that follow and read our weekly Flash Friday Updates are probably well aware about what’s happening behind the scenes, but anyone who wants to catch up on all the exciting highlights and achievements of the first quarter of this year, really needs to check out the article below.

We’ll be covering Safe Haven, SafeTech, SafeKey, Comet 2.0, Inheriti® and more!

Drumroll please!

Let’s go 👇

SafeTech Labs – Ready to Revolutionize the Digital World

For SafeTech Labs, the innovative R&D company behind the Safe Haven ecosystem, Q1 of 2023 has been game-changing as well.

SafeTech made tremendous strides towards their mission to revolutionize the digital world, with the launch of the official website and separate Twitter account.

SafeTech is currently also seeking a Junior Full Stack Engineer to become a part of their team of software engineers.

The selected candidate will be responsible for creating, developing, testing, and implementing software solutions that cater to SafeTech clients’ requirements. In a cooperative work environment, the candidate will be able to advance their abilities and expertise.

If you’re passionate about software engineering, this is an excellent opportunity to join a team dedicated to creating the future of secure technology.

View the job:

SafeKey – A Complete Make Over

Q1 was also when the new SafeKey branding was rolled out.

With the fresh look and feel, we have also launched a new SafeKey website that will serve as the go-to source for information about the device.

The website is designed to provide in-depth but easy-to-understand documentation for all types of audiences, including crypto users, regular internet users, business owners, and enterprises.

Introduction SafeKey One and SafeKey Pro

To complement the new website, we have also updated our webshop with the latest brand style and positioning for the SafeKey devices. You can now find the clear names for our two SafeKey models: SafeKey One and SafeKey Pro.

SafeKey One

SafeKey One is a strong two-factor authentication device that uses FIDO2/U2F technology to protect your accounts against password or phishing attacks.

SafeKey One makes you unhackable.

View SafeKey One

SafeKey Pro

SafeKey Pro, on the other hand, contains both FIDO2/U2F and SSDP technology. This means that SafeKey Pro offers all of the benefits of SafeKey One, but it also has custom internal storage that allows you to store shares of encrypted backups and inheritance plans via Inheriti®.

SafeKey Pro is literally unique in the world.

View SafeKey Pro

Comparison: SafeKey One vs SafeKey Pro

These different SafeKey models will help us to explain the different use cases more clearly and guide users more effectively. We believe that the new names and clear explanations will help users to choose the right SafeKey for their needs.

View SafeKey Comparison

SafeKey Bundles

We noticed in the past that it’s not always clear for people where and how to start with a SafeKey device. There was a lack of information and guidance available about what use cases need which SafeKey model and how many device(s).

We created some simple bundles to remove this barrier:

  • SafeKey Starters Kit
  • Social Media Protection Pack
  • Family Inheritance Packs
  • Business Continuity Pack
  • Personal Backup Pack

View SafeKey Bundles

Affiliate Program for SafeKey

In short, our new SafeKey Affiliate Program is perfect for tech-savvy influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and crypto enthusiasts who want to monetize their online presence, reach new audiences and earn fair commissions for promoting innovative security technology.

Start earning for spreading the word on SafeKey by becoming a SafeKey affiliate today:

Reseller Program for SafeKey

Our SafeKey Reseller Program offers businesses the chance to offer the latest security technology to their customers, boost their revenue, and stand out from the competition.

Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business by becoming a SafeKey reseller:

The First Ever SafeKey Phygital – Collab with World of V and VeChain

The team of Safe Haven collaborated with VeChain and World of V to establish a fun giveaway event for all community members of the VeFam.

Sunny Lu, Jurgen Schouppe, Andy Demulemeester, and Americano (Vetliever) autographed the first phygital SafeKey produced by SafeTech to be utilized as the giveaway prize!



To make the event fair for all, we decided to keep things simple with a low entry barrier.

All participants had to like, retweet, and tag two friends in the comment section to be eligible for being entered in the random twitter picker generation software.

Congratulations to @Chukl31 for winning this piece of The HiVe history!

SafeKey in The News

The rebranding of SafeKey has been well-received by the market and our press release for SafeKey Pro has already been distributed amongst leading news websites such as Market Watch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, AZ Central, FOX, and NCN.

With the increasing number of data breaches and cyber-attacks, SafeKey Pro offers a much-needed solution for individuals and businesses who want to keep their information safe and secure.



Digital Journal

AZ Central



Comet 2.0

Comet Beta Testing Program Started

Comet 2.0 beta testing program started in March, and our beta testers are still diligently testing the Comet wallet browser extension.

Thanks to our incredible beta testers, we have received substantial feedback on the user-friendliness of the interface (UI) and the process of managing tokens and transactions (UX).

We are grateful for the dedication and support of our beta testers, who continue to play an essential role in helping us create a secure and easy-to-use wallet for Web3. We are continually refining our design and user experience, based on the feedback we have received so far.

We are confident that we are well on our way to delivering an exceptional wallet experience.

Comet Website Internally Finished – Temporary Placeholder Online

As the beta testing phase of Comet 2.0 continues and we recently already created a new brand style for Comet, we now also have completed the development of Comet’s new website, which will be launched later together with Comet 2.0, bringing it all together.

The new website represents our commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for all of Comet’s users. And although it will still be kept behind closed doors for now, we have put a temporary placeholder/landing page on our brand new domain name already, until we officially launch.


Ongoing Internal Developments and Testing

We’re currently still conducting internal testing for new Inheriti® features. This includes testing fiat payments, the integration of Comet 2.0 and Venly, payments with SHA and connecting Inheriti® Vault with SafeKey Mobile.

Additionally, we’re working on optimizing the user flow and improving the overall user experience based on these and upcoming new features, which will eventually result in Inheriti 2.0, as mentioned in our roadmap.

We’re excited and look forward to share what we’ve been working on.

Inheriti’s Dead Man Switch

The mail settings of the Dead Man Switch trigger mails is further optimized, to make sure the emails won’t be considered as SPAM by incoming servers.


The 9-month combatant period for the United State Patent has been completed with zero refutes. This is a major milestone for our company as it demonstrates the strength and validity of our technology and its potential to revolutionize the industry.

According to the latest document on the European Patent Office (EPO) site, there was no notice of opposition to our European patent. This is a significant milestone for us as it validates the uniqueness and value of our invention.

Advisory Board

Just as the end of Q1 was near, we announced that Justin Goldston, Ph.D., has joined our team as an advisor.

Dr. Goldston brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization, including a strong background in education, research, Web3 and blockchain. His main area of focus will be grants.

Dr. Goldston is a Professor at Penn State University where his research is focused on emerging technologies and sustainability to create positive global change.

He is a five-time TEDx speaker discussing technologies such as blockchain and AI, and has published several research papers in prestigious academic journals.

In addition to his academic and research experience, Dr. Goldston has over a decade of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, is a Web3 systems thinker, and received numerous awards and recognitions for his work in the blockchain space.

Also, he is an active member of several blockchain and web3 communities!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming AMA with Dr. Goldston!

SHA Token Holders All Time High

Although the market is bearish, the Safe Haven (SHA) token has reached an all-time high of 11,076 holders, as reported by VechainStats website.

This achievement is a clear indication of the growing interest in our ecosystem and trust that our community has placed on us.

Safe Haven (SHA Token) (

SafeNode Statistics

This quarter also marks the milestone of achieving growth in our Harbor Node, which has led to our Harbor staking pool to be expanded by 10%, up to 55M $SHA.

SafeSwap Statistics

SafeSwap has already surpassed its first milestone of 1000 swaps in the first quarter of 2023 and has now reached over 1300 swaps. Given the current market conditions and the prospect of additional project listings, we are optimistic that SafeSwap’s activity will continue to increase. As a result, the rewards pool for SafeNode holders will likely see a substantial increase in utility rewards.

New DEX added for SHA trading

We’ve added an extra DEX to trade SHA tokens, namely VeRocket.

VeRocket is a VeChain native DEX and it offers the possibility to buy or swap $SHA tokens against VeChain tokens such as $VET, $VeUSD, $WOV, $MVG, $VSEA amongst others.

VeChain’s The HiVe Summit in Las Vegas

The Safe Haven team participated at VeChain’s the HiVe conference in Las Vegas. The summit focused on web3 and sustainability.

Two of our team members, Jurgen Schouppe and Tyler Doussan, were interviewed by King Solomon.

Interview with Jürgen

Interview with Tyler

Full Recap

Read the full article about our experience during The HiVe here


Safe Haven’s Reflection and Experience during the HiVe Conference in Las Vegas


Flash Development Update [2023/11]

Paris Blockchain Week

Our CEO Jürgen attented the Paris Blockchain Week, where he was representing Safe Haven and SafeTech together with our partner, Magma.

Magma is an innovative project that has developed an online platform connecting buyers, sellers, and real estate agents in the U.S., offering unique 4-dimensional digital twins of buildings with all architectural and contractual documentation validated by stakeholders.

SafeTech, the development company behind Safe Haven, is working together with Magma, exploring new synergies and integrating Inheriti®, our digital inheritance product, to transfer ownership for the Digital Twins created through Magma.

Jürgen’s attendance at the Paris Blockchain Week was an exciting opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the industry and share experiences and expertise.


MasterCard255 Conference

Our team member Andrej visited MasterCard’s conference about Web3. With 2 days conference, 300 VIP seats, 20+ internationally acclaimed speakers and 20+ project partners it was the ultimate blend of technology and sports at the “Mastercard 255 to the Moon Conference” in Planica, Slovenia.

This is not your typical conference: it’s a first of-a-kind event that combines talks about innovative technologies with the adrenaline rush of the Ski Jumping World Cup.

Here’s what our team member Andrej wanted to share with the community:

I had a chance to talk to industry leaders from around the globe. We discussed a range of topics, from the use of web3 tools in multiple systems to fintech and advanced payment technologies, all powered by Mastercard.

With confirmed speakers from renowned brands like Binance, Bitfinex Pay, OTP Bank, Revolut, GSIC powered by Microsoft, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, I gained valuable insights from experts who are at the forefront of their fields.

I enjoyed in the unique atmosphere of Planica with a direct view of the ski jumping world cup from the heart of the venue. I really enjoyed the competition’s excitement and discover the beauty of the Slovenian landscape.

Website of the conference:

Jürgen Invited to XX Network’s Twitter Spaces

Jürgen shared his insights and expertise about the important topics of privacy and quantum resistance with

Jürgen Invited to KuCoin’s Twitter Spaces

Jürgen also joined Kucoin Twitter spaces along with CertiK in honor of #SaferInternetday to discuss the importance of cybersecurity in the crypto space.

Recap of the First Quarter of 2023 – Conclusion

Looking back and reflecting on the past 3 months only helps to set the stage for a monumental year with new upgrades, partnerships, and mass adoption.

With Safe Haven fortifying a strong foundation for its goals, these upcoming months we will be focusing on exponentially growing our ecosystem. Safe Haven will continue to showcase why it has the only truly decentralized and patented digital inheritance and backup solution.

To the entire SHAman community, thank you for the continuing support as we all work together towards mass adoption and breaking new boundaries in the web3 space.

We are excited for what is to come and we can’t wait to achieve the impossible together.

Thanks for reading SHAman! 🧙‍♂️💜

To end this article, here’s a list of most important milestones of this year’s first quarter, and an updated roadmap:

✅ SafeTech new website, branding and separate Twitter entity

✅ SafeKey full rebranding with new website, webshop and docs

✅ Introducing SafeKey One and SafeKey Pro

✅ Introducing SafeKey Bundles

✅ Launching SafeKey Affiliate Program

✅ Launching SafeKey Reseller Program

✅ Comet full rebranding

✅ New wallet UI for Comet 2.0

✅ Start development Comet 2.0

✅ Comet 2.0 Beta Testing Program started

✅ New Comet website internally finished, waiting for product audit and launch

✅ Continued Inheriti® development and testing of new features

✅ Optimized Inheriti® Dead Man Switch delivery performance

✅ Combatant period for the United State Patent has been completed

✅ Justin Goldston joins us as a grant advisor and Inheriti® representative

✅ All-time high SHA token holders

✅ Increased Harbor Node pool size

✅ SafeSwap’s increasing activity

✅ SHA trading on VeRocket

✅ Safe Haven team hosting a booth at VeChain’s The HiVe conference

✅ Jürgen and Tyler interviewed at The HiVe conference

✅ Paris Blockchain’s Week

✅ MasterCard255 Conference

✅ Magma real estate platform

✅ Twitter Spaces with XX Network and KuCoin

Updated Roadmap

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