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Flash Development Update [2022/20]

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Business Development Update

Shamanic Oracles SOLD-OUT 💸

Tuesday night, at roughly 8:20pm CST, the Shamanic Oracles NFT collection was completely minted out  it took around 150 hours for the collection of 5k males and 5k females to be minted in full!  

Next week, an article describing the NFT fusion protocols and rarity stratification system will be launched, followed by a voting round hosted by the foundation. 

The foundation of Shamanic Oracles will submit proposals to the community via DAO to empower the community with deciding how the gaming ecosystem will develop; though the foundation has the full vision and knows what protocols need to be put in place, we believe the community should ultimately decide on the fine details after foundations have been set – we seek to establish community driven environment. 

A total of 70,506,240 SHA was accumulated from the minting fees, of which 14,101,248 SHA was distributed to the node utility reward pool, and all future Shamanic Oracles NFT collections will provide a percentage of minting utility fees.

A community member made a great video about the minting, we really appreciate the support, thanks Chudnufski!

Safe Haven Node Reward Pool

The second distribution of the SafeNode Utility Rewards to Safe Haven Node Holders took place on May 19th. All Node holders with a +3-month matured and claimed node were eligible for distribution. Most of the Node Reward Pool came from Shamanic Oracles minting utility protocols, while the remainder was contributed by Inheriti utility! 

A total of 14,224,402 SHA is distributed at a market value of ~22,047 USD. 

Distributed amounts are: 

    • 311 Connect Nodes
    • 1,372 SHA per wallet 
    • 172 Harbor Nodes
    • 6,616 SHA per wallet 
    • 54 Consensus Nodes
    • 84,293 SHA per wallet 
    • 29 Legacy Nodes
    • 279,584 per wallet

You can read more about the potential utility rewards from live products and emerging sector in this article:

Distribution and Enhancement of Utility Rewards within the Safe Haven Product Suite

Partnership BoredApes

BoredApesXRP is the first “BoredApesClub” NFT collection on the XRPL blockchain, and we are proud to welcome them into the Inheriti® integration network; our acquired partner is highly connected, and the “BoredApesClub” is one of the hottest brands/trends within the NFT space.

We are looking to onboard additional prominent partners on the XRPL chain and will continue our mission to decentralize the world!

Bored Apes XRP Club Partners with Safe Haven to Integrate DeFi Inheritance Protocols via V1 Inheriti® Integration!

View Criptip Helper’s partnership review video:


We are preparing a series of professional videos about the product suite of Safe Haven; educational videos about how to use the Safe Haven products and more marketing videos to reach additional audiences.

One of the elements we have designed is a series of 3D intros. We might be sharing some of the intros on our social media channels in the next couple of weeks.

Technical Development Update

SafeSwap Close Button

Community member Jon Will suggested to add a ‘Close Button’ at the end of the swap process. We took advantage of this and added that button to make it more user-friendly.

SafeSwap Source and Target Fee Transaction

In the windows that pop up while the swap is made, we added the source and target fee transactions. This gives the possibility to save the transaction ID’s (txs) and in the rare case of failure of the swap, makes it easy to regain the gas fees. 

Of course, there is also the possibility to look up the txs on Blockexplorer, it’s just a way to further improve the user experience of SafeSwap 😉

Community Engagement Update

Companion Airdrop

The companion airdrop will happen over the weekend because we decided to script the metadata into a contract so that there will be no issues in the future for companion staking pools – we apologize for the delay, but we want everything to be perfect and it is good that we have made this change asap to avoid unnecessary overhead and confusion. 

If metadata would have not been scripted in a contract, identification of the token ID would have proven to be difficult when integrating the token contract within complex smart contracts. 

Thank you for your patience! 

Weekly Monday Flame Space 🔥

Tyler Doussan and Jeff Perry (Founder of VeGnomes) joined the weekly Monday Flame Space to discuss the Shamanic Oracles NFT project to the VeFam community.  

A lot of information was shared, and though it is more than a 3hr long recording, it is well worth the listen; fast-forward to the 23min33sec mark to listen to the content discussed about the project: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OyJADydLzoGb

World of V Weekly Space

Unfortunately, twitter’s servers glitched and did not save the Twitter Space recording that happened on Wednesday, but there were a lot of people present that were highly attentive; Tyler did a good job on explaining the overall product suite and how the Shamanic Oracles will be a new sector providing utility to the node reward pool, along with staking and farming protocols that will bolster the economy of $SHA. 

Satoshi Boomin’s Interview on YouTube 

Satoshi Boomin made a YouTube video of an interview with Tyler, targeting the VeChain Family. Give it a view and a like to help us raise awareness for our products on social media.
Thank you
Satoshi Boomin!

Giveaways and ContestDesign context and SafeSwap Giveaway

We currently have four giveaways running: the special SafeSwap giveaway (gleam event), the Merchandise Design Contest, a Twitter giveaway hosted by Shamanic Oracles, and the Shamanic Oracles giveaway (gleam event).  

Join the contests:   


Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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