Flash Development Update [2023/10] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/10]

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Last week, our team had the exciting opportunity to attend and host a booth at the HiVe Summit of VeChain in Las Vegas. We learned a lot and had the chance to meet some of the most amazing and innovative people in the VeChain community.

Currently we’re still working on an in-depth breakdown of the summit and the talented people of Generation Infinity will release more videos and interviews soon, including the one with our founder and CEO Jürgen Schouppe, so stay tuned for that.

As a bonus to the summit, we decided to host a giveaway for a SafeKey, autographed by the CEO of VeChain Sunny Lu, our founders Jürgen Schouppe and Andy Demeulemeester and Vetliever, World of V’s founder.

This giveaway was won by @Chukl31.

Congrats #SHAman! The SafeKey is coming your way!

Now, before we dive into this week’s flash update, we want to take this opportunity to share an important SafeKey tip.

SafeKey Tip of the Week!

To ensure the security and stability of your workflow, it’s crucial to keep your test and production SafeKeys separate and labeled if needed. If you actively use your SafeKey for two-factor authentication and also use it to create demo/test protection plans with Inheriti®, resetting the SafeKey will not only erase the test plans, it will also reset all login configurations or pin codes that were set earlier.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain a clear separation between your testing and production environments to prevent any unintentional changes that could compromise your data.

By keeping your SafeKeys labeled and separate, you can minimize the risk of errors.

The HiVe Highlights

As our team only travelled back from The HiVe in Las Vegas this week, an in-depth breakdown of the summit is still a work in progress, but below you can find some of the highlights that were posted by our team during their time at the event.

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Interview with Sunny Lu on The Future of VeChain

For those who missed the HiVe summit, here’s a brief interview with Sunny Lu already, made by Generation Infinity. In it, he discusses the future of VeChain.

At Safe Haven, we’re proud to say that we’re more than ready for the sustainable and cross-chain future of blockchain, led by VeChain. We believe that our solutions will help to drive the industry forward and make it more accessible and secure for everyone.

Behind The Scenes

Internal Beta Testing for New Inheriti® Features

We’re currently still conducting internal testing for new Inheriti® features. This includes testing fiat payments, the integration of Comet 2.0, payments with SHA and connecting Inheriti® Vault with SafeKey Mobile.

Additionally, we’re working on optimizing the user flow and improving the overall user experience based on these and upcoming new features, which will eventually result in Inheriti 2.0, as mentioned in our roadmap.

Looking Back to The Future – Safe Haven’s Ecosystem in 2023 and Beyond

We’re excited and look forward to share what we’ve been working on.

Internal Beta Testing for Comet 2.0

After completing the second round of internal testing for Comet 2.0 and addressing all initial bugs and feedback, we’re now getting ready for the private beta testing program. We’re currently assembling a group of experts and community members to help us test the wallet and provide valuable feedback.

As mentioned earlier, we’re also testing Comet 2.0 with Inheriti® to ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality. Our ultimate goal is to make Comet the best possible wallet for our community, and we’re thrilled about the progress we’ve made thus far. We’re fully committed to delivering a high-quality product and look forward to sharing it with all of you.

New Twitter Spaces Scheduled

Next Tuesday our team member Sam wil join XX Network in their Twitter Spaces about breaking down silos and discussing important topics in web3 for growth across multiple ecosystem participants.

Make sure to set your reminder!

Content Creators

We’re currently in discussions with several content creators to help spread the word about Safe Haven and our ecosystem. You can expect to see some new videos popping up soon.

In addition to these collaborations, we’re also planning to create more educational videos in the future to help our community better understand our technology and solutions.

Also don’t forget that our SafeKey Affiliate Program is still open and that you can sign up to get your own affiliate link. This is a great opportunity to earn commissions while helping to spread the word about SafeKey and enhanced identity protection or data security.

We appreciate all the support we receive from our community and look forward to working with more content creators in the future.

Click here to join the SafeKey affiliate program »

How to use SafeSwap to bridge DHN

As DHN was our first SafeSwap listing, we’re very happy to have them on board.

If you’re a DHN holder and interested in bridging your tokens, they’ve made a tutorial for their community on how to do it using SafeSwap. The process is relatively straightforward, and you can bridge your DHN from VeChain to Binance SmartChain for example.

Reminder on why SafeSwap is important

SafeSwap is our decentralized atomic bridge that allows users to swap native tokens between different blockchains. It’s a secure and reliable platform, and we’re excited to add more tokens to the platform in the future.

Below is a reminder on why SafeSwap is important.

Reminder on why Inheriti® and SafeKey are built different

We get the question a lot and we understand why people ask why Inheriti® would be any different than the competition. But the answer is quite simple, it’s about the SafeKey compatibility, our 3-layer topology and the patented protocols.


As always, we like to highlight some community tweets.

Keep spreading the word about $SHA on Twitter #SHAman!


Now that the team is back from the successful Hive summit in Las Vegas, we’re continuing to develop and test new Inheriti® features while beta testing the new Comet wallet with a selected group of experts and community members.

We’re also always working closely with different content creators to produce more educational content as part of our ongoing effort to educate our users and spread the word about our products. We believe that our solutions have the potential to change the way people and businesses manage, protect and store their secret data and digital assets forever.

This makes us excited to share our knowledge and expertise with the #SHAman community in the future.

Until the next! 🧙‍♂️🔮

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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